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my happiness project

3 Sep

If you follow me on twitter, you might have seen a tweet referencing the fact that I’m starting my very own Happiness Project

I started the project on Sept. 1st, and will be blogging about it at least monthly, possibly weekly depending on my work schedule.

I obviously got the idea after buying Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project.

I’m going to try and explain this project, and keep it concise – so bear with me here.

You really need to get this book to fully understand what the project is about. The author was a happy person with a happy life, but felt like she wasn’t fully enjoying what really mattered. In order to turn this around, she launched a one year project in which she took various scientific studies, wisdom, and other lessons about how to be happier. She broke everything down and assigned herself monthly goals, (for example: go to sleep earlier, start a blog, etc.) that made her a happier person.

I feel as though I am a happy person. I took the Authentic Happiness Inventory Questionnaire and score a 3.4 out of 5. However, lately I can’t help but feel as though I’ve kind of had a chip on my shoulder.
I think we all sometimes let the not-so-great things in life sort of take the lead, and I’m no exception. For one, I feel lonely living in Northern Ontario. It’s beautiful, but it just isn’t “home”. There has also been some not-so-great stuff going down at work in terms of labour relations, and that has probably affected me more than almost anything else this year. I work more, and enjoy it less.

I’m feeling less like myself everyday, and I know that I am heading toward a major relapse in terms of my bulimia nervosa.

texts between a friend and I

So this is it. I start this month. (Note, I am still working away at my 101 in 1001 project as well!)

my goals for september were indeed plagiarized from Gretchen Rubin herself. The focus is improving my energy:

– Go to sleep earlier
– Exercise better
– Toss, restore, organize
– tackle a nagging task
– act more energetic

How am I doing so far?? I’m failing. But in my defense, Britton and I are away this week in Waterloo with friends, so we aren’t home to do many of those things. I’m on track for exercising, but going to bed at 2am most days…

Stay tuned!

I’ll (hopefully) do a recap at the end of the week outlining my first week on the project!



patriotism at its finest

26 Dec

My husband is taking me skiing for the first time today! I’ve never been before, as I grew up much less privileged than he.

Me: You know what we should call our ski adventure?
Britton: A Skiventure?
Me: No…but actually, I kind of like that. I was going to say “Freedom Ski 2011”
B: Freedom Ski !? And babe, it’s still 2010
Me: Fine then, Freedom Ski 2010. It sounds patriotic.
B: maybe if we were American…
Me: Oh really?? What would Canadian patriotism be then?? Caribou Ski 2010?
B: Emancipation Through Mindless Bureaucracy Ski. THAT’S the Canadian way!

Merry semi-belated holidays!!!!

home again, home again!

15 Aug

Back from a much-needed vaycay with so much to blog about and so little desire to do it.

I would love to post pictures of my birthday in Montreal, or my day trip to Ottawa with my husband, but alas, I have been forced to post this with hubby’s Mac Book Pro ’cause my sweet innocent LapEee (as I had affectionately nicknamed it) got SMASHED in the move to Sudbury. *deep breath* How’s THAT for a run-on sentence.

By “it got smashed” I mean that my husband accidentally DROPPED A TELEVISION ON IT.

Yes, I realize that I was able to post that picture with the MBP, but seriously you guys – it took me like 40 minutes to figure out how to right-click with this thing! And even then, Britton had to come and show me! I was computer illiterate even with Windows! I am not even going to tell you how long it took me to find that picture, save it, and then I had to hunt for the saved picture because Mac is soooooo different from PC.

It’s run-on-sentence-day at enpleinsoleil. Get used to it.

Anyways – the short and sweet vacation update goes something like this: drove our new-to-us car down to grand-mamans (GMs) with the help of our new Garmin GPS (thanks mother-in-law!), arrived, stuffed our faces with the awesome food only grandmas seem to be able to make, went to bed, spent the rest of the week chillin’, playin’ cards, eating, going on day trips, etc. Returned from GMs with a car FULL of food. I am not kidding. three coolers full of food, our back seat full of bags of food – We won’t be needing groceries for a solid month.

I ❤ my Grand- maman