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5 Jun

Our first anniversary is today.

I will do my best not to make this long and saptastic.

we celebrated on friday since I worked this weekend (including today). Was very sweet, romantic picnic at Bell Park.

I gave him his gift. An anniversary book. I got the idea from here

And he gave me tickets to see Cirque Du Soleil. NBD.

Totem. Toronto. Sept 1st. Stoked.


Today he’s cooking me a special dinner and if you’re lucky I will blog about it tomorrow.. but truthfully we’re getting ready for his graduation celebration…. so I might not.



Dun dun da dun… dun dun DA dun

29 Apr

Royal wedding day is here!!!

I’m watching it live on youtube (courtesy of the BBC).

I wasn’t old enough to remember Lady Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding – so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew the church ceremony would be long, and the bride would look beautiful, and of course, prince william would be handsome as ever.

the beautiful and ever-classy bride

I was not expecting the choir boys to wear frilly collars. I was not expecting the bride and groom to be so darn.. emotionless! Mind you, if I had a billion people watching me on my wedding day, I’m quite sure my nerves would have gotten the best of me. Plus, they are Royals. Now that I think on it, their masterful royal training probably helps them hold back from crying tears of joys as they say their “I Do’s” and making out in front of the whole world.

Not that I would mind, or anything. As you know, I ADORE weddings. Not just the details, but all the public display of affection and love. I know, so cheesy. But not really classy.

I’m going to stop – the amazing Choir is singing and I don’t want to miss anything! Will likely blog about this again later!

Congratulations Kate and William!

good riddance january

6 Feb

I hate January.

I’m glad it’s gone. I would be thrilled if I could live in a world where the coldest month of the year just didn’t exist.

It always seems to go by so darn slowly, too! Probably because December flies by so quickly with all the family events, shopping, wrapping, parties, over-time shifts, decorating, more shopping, and more wrapping, and food, food, food. Or maybe January just sucks because we’re all mostly broke and exhausted from December?

Actually, I’m pretty sure it just sucks because it’s the coldest month of the year. If April followed December, nobody would complain that it went by at a snail’s pace. Except it wouldn’t go by so slowly because you’d be ultra busy going on walks, enjoying the change in weather, and getting your body bikini-ready. At least, I would be.

I digress.

It’s FEBRUARY betches!!!

Although I should be thrilled, I’m not really. Nothing against February – I totes appreciate the much-warmer-but-still-cold weather, and the fact that the days are getting noticeably longer – but I’m not loving that my husband will be away for three of the four weeks this month. March? Not looking much better in that respect.

Not to mention, this is the very first time in 7 years that we won’t be together for V-day!

In light of this – I’m looking for a new valentine. Who wants to Be Mine this valentine’s?

I am SO buying all my valentine cards from Pear Tree Greetings from now on!

I guess the one nice thing about February was that I got to shout “Happy 8 months baby!” as he was getting on the greyhound bus.

Maybe it’s because it was midnight and I was exhausted? maybe it’s because I had spilled steaming hot coffee all over myself in the parking lot? Or maybe it’s just because this whole long distance thing is just really, really hard. But I cried.

I was the lady in the coffee stained PJ pants bawling her eyes out as the Greyhound bus pulled away.

God, I am SO dramatic.

seven months, seven years and our 7 resolutions

5 Jan

Hard to believe that it was 7 whole months ago we said “I Do”, and in 12 days it will be 7 years that we’ve been a couple. ( Ok, that sounded super fromage, I know… but seriously! where has the time gone?!)

Dating for 5 whole months, taken in Washington DC while visiting his Dad for a week. We were both 16 in this picture.


Our wedding, 05/06/10. Taken in my mother-in-law's white Audi convertible two-seater.



Soon we won’t be “newlyweds” anymore, which makes me a little sad.

On the plus side though, I have big plans for our first anniversary – and that makes me excited!!

Britton and I have always made a big deal out of our anniversary, and I like that! With the exception of our second dating anniversary, we’ve always gone on some sort of trip, gotten a hotel for the weekend, dined at fancy restaurants, and just been super mushy and disgusting for two days!

We’re pretty sappy – even 7 years later.

but I digress,

here are our seven resolutions as a couple, my own personal ones will be published when I’m done deciding on them.

1. Have the usual sap-tastic anniversary
2. Pay down our Stephanie’s school debt.
3. hopefully move back to Waterloo (nowhere else feels quite so much like home!)
4. travel a bit (within Canada or out of Canada – we aren’t picky)
5. spend more quality time together. As it is now, we only see each other 3 – 4 days per week due to Britton’s school schedule. During his placements, we are apart for an entire month. I would really like more of the time we do get to see each other to be spent better
6. continue with our once a month date nights
7. Learn to be more forgiving of ourselves.

Britton and I are both very hard on ourselves. It hurts me when he doesn’t recognize his (huge list of) accomplishments! And it hurts him when I put myself down.

This year we will forgive ourselves more, and enjoy our lives for what they are!



patriotism at its finest

26 Dec

My husband is taking me skiing for the first time today! I’ve never been before, as I grew up much less privileged than he.

Me: You know what we should call our ski adventure?
Britton: A Skiventure?
Me: No…but actually, I kind of like that. I was going to say “Freedom Ski 2011”
B: Freedom Ski !? And babe, it’s still 2010
Me: Fine then, Freedom Ski 2010. It sounds patriotic.
B: maybe if we were American…
Me: Oh really?? What would Canadian patriotism be then?? Caribou Ski 2010?
B: Emancipation Through Mindless Bureaucracy Ski. THAT’S the Canadian way!

Merry semi-belated holidays!!!!

half year

6 Dec

Britton and I are sentimental and mushy.

I wrote ripped most of this poem off an e-card and changed some of the words for us.

We’re like cops and mustaches,
like EarthBalance on toast,
like maple syrup and everything,
Halloween and ghosts.
We’re like bad haircuts on hipsters,
or presents in December,
and just like butts and squeezes,
you and me go together!


4 months!!

5 Oct

I feels like we’ve been married for four years!!!

So much has happened in these short 4 months – it’s incredible.

Wouldn’t dream of going through it all with anyone but you!

In central park, NYC, 2008. 1 month before we moved in together, and 4 months before you proposed!!!