this happened.

13 Sep

a lot has happened since I last posted in November (Has it really been that long?).

B and I vacationed in China for two weeks, celebrated our second wedding anniversary, B got a job offer in London (the England London!), B accepted said job offer, we found out I was pregnant, and then B moved to London. In that order.
There. You’re all cought up.

I’m due february 22nd. I’m joining Britton in the UK the first week of December.

I’m toying with the idea of starting a new blog to keep our moms (who don’t know this blog exists!) up to date with how we are doing, and more importantly, how their precious grandchild is doing.

This blog was originally created to just keep a fun record of graduating nursing, getting married,  honeymooning, and moving to northern Ontario within a span of 5 months. (2010 was a busy year)

and I feel as though I’ve somewhat outgrown this here space on the internet. Lets face it people, my life just isn’t that interesting. I don’t do crafts, I barely cook, I work full time and come home to my husband. Fin.

But hopefully my kid will be cute, and motherhood will come with lots of lessons and new experiences that I can write to our family and friends back home about. It’ll be a nice way of keeping them up to date.

So I guess bye for now. I’ll post a link to my possible future mommy blog.


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