Dun dun da dun… dun dun DA dun

29 Apr

Royal wedding day is here!!!

I’m watching it live on youtube (courtesy of the BBC).

I wasn’t old enough to remember Lady Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding – so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew the church ceremony would be long, and the bride would look beautiful, and of course, prince william would be handsome as ever.

the beautiful and ever-classy bride

I was not expecting the choir boys to wear frilly collars. I was not expecting the bride and groom to be so darn.. emotionless! Mind you, if I had a billion people watching me on my wedding day, I’m quite sure my nerves would have gotten the best of me. Plus, they are Royals. Now that I think on it, their masterful royal training probably helps them hold back from crying tears of joys as they say their “I Do’s” and making out in front of the whole world.

Not that I would mind, or anything. As you know, I ADORE weddings. Not just the details, but all the public display of affection and love. I know, so cheesy. But not really classy.

I’m going to stop – the amazing Choir is singing and I don’t want to miss anything! Will likely blog about this again later!

Congratulations Kate and William!


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