the latest and not-so-greatest (warning: I totally talk about puke)

20 Feb

On Thursday night,  I was forced to live something I never wish to relive.

I was sick, and I was alone. Well, I had the cats.

Guys, maybe you don’t understand… I was vomiting – and I had to rinse out my own emesis basin! (read: barf bowl)

Westley then proceeded to take a nap in said emesis basin (Don’t judge! It was rinsed!)

I am a terrible cat owner.

I gave him a bath when I felt better the next day – but I didn’t have the energy to fight with him over the stainless steel bowl that found itself in my bed.So sue me. Emesis just doesn’t bug me very much! (good thing, since I deal with it on the regular!)

BTW, stainless steel bowls make the BEST basins. They are nice and cold, just like the porcelain throne, but they smell much better. You can get sick  from the comfort of your own bed!!! (while three cats watch – and stealthily try to sniff the product of all that wretching)


I promise next post won’t be so disgusting.


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