13 Feb

I have been hard at work searching for the perfect graduation gift for my husband.

My search ADHD has taken me all over the internet… and suddenly I found myself looking at adorable cat-houses that I totally want must have.

I would need one of each since I have trois chats.

So while searching for customer photos of the above adorable cat houses, I saw her.

Ok, Ok… to a lot of you this just looks like another particularly gorgeous calico tabby cat. But you have NO IDEA how pretty much identical Minou and this cat are!!! The ONLY difference I have been able to find so far is that Minou’s left front leg isn’t 100% white. This cat even has the half-orange-half-brown-split-down-the-exact-middle thing on top of her head!!!

Maybe this is the universe telling me it’s time to get pregnant.


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