motoring with mrs.jenner

11 Jan

To the person I drove behind this morning,

You had to know I was on my way to work… where else would I (or anyone else) be going at 7am on a Tuesday?

You might remember me? I was the one who had oldies blaring when we got stuck behind the longest train in the history of trains?? I got a little antsy about possibly being late – I’m sure I’m not the only one – and see… they were playing Pink Floyd on the radio, and The Wall is kind of calming in an angsty sort of way… I kind of couldn’t resist. But I digress.

Things had been great up until that point – I had been following you for quite a while. Truth is, I liked your style. I liked the speed you drove, I liked the way you let others drivers in ahead of you – and most of all, I thought your personalized plates were kind of cute!

After the train? Everything changed.

Why you decided to drive 40km/hr in a 60 zone I will never know. I know I probably shouldn’t have honked at you, but I couldn’t pass you due to the huge lineup of cars in the other lane zooming past us. I tried to be patient, told myself you were just warming up… we’d be moving a long in no time. I was wrong. You kept driving slowly… for tens of minutes I was stuck behind you like this. No escape.

I still made it to work on time (barely). I forgive you.

Just know that the sweet personalized plate that I so admired was oh-so easy to memorize. I’ll be watching for you. And so will the gods of Road Karma.


The driver of the totally dope 1999 beige matte gold Pontiac Sunfire.


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