seven months, seven years and our 7 resolutions

5 Jan

Hard to believe that it was 7 whole months ago we said “I Do”, and in 12 days it will be 7 years that we’ve been a couple. ( Ok, that sounded super fromage, I know… but seriously! where has the time gone?!)

Dating for 5 whole months, taken in Washington DC while visiting his Dad for a week. We were both 16 in this picture.


Our wedding, 05/06/10. Taken in my mother-in-law's white Audi convertible two-seater.



Soon we won’t be “newlyweds” anymore, which makes me a little sad.

On the plus side though, I have big plans for our first anniversary – and that makes me excited!!

Britton and I have always made a big deal out of our anniversary, and I like that! With the exception of our second dating anniversary, we’ve always gone on some sort of trip, gotten a hotel for the weekend, dined at fancy restaurants, and just been super mushy and disgusting for two days!

We’re pretty sappy – even 7 years later.

but I digress,

here are our seven resolutions as a couple, my own personal ones will be published when I’m done deciding on them.

1. Have the usual sap-tastic anniversary
2. Pay down our Stephanie’s school debt.
3. hopefully move back to Waterloo (nowhere else feels quite so much like home!)
4. travel a bit (within Canada or out of Canada – we aren’t picky)
5. spend more quality time together. As it is now, we only see each other 3 – 4 days per week due to Britton’s school schedule. During his placements, we are apart for an entire month. I would really like more of the time we do get to see each other to be spent better
6. continue with our once a month date nights
7. Learn to be more forgiving of ourselves.

Britton and I are both very hard on ourselves. It hurts me when he doesn’t recognize his (huge list of) accomplishments! And it hurts him when I put myself down.

This year we will forgive ourselves more, and enjoy our lives for what they are!




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