patriotism at its finest

26 Dec

My husband is taking me skiing for the first time today! I’ve never been before, as I grew up much less privileged than he.

Me: You know what we should call our ski adventure?
Britton: A Skiventure?
Me: No…but actually, I kind of like that. I was going to say “Freedom Ski 2011”
B: Freedom Ski !? And babe, it’s still 2010
Me: Fine then, Freedom Ski 2010. It sounds patriotic.
B: maybe if we were American…
Me: Oh really?? What would Canadian patriotism be then?? Caribou Ski 2010?
B: Emancipation Through Mindless Bureaucracy Ski. THAT’S the Canadian way!

Merry semi-belated holidays!!!!


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