remember when I asked if I could get married every year?

20 Dec

You’re invited

To my imaginary December wedding!

It’s no secret. I loved (almost) every minute of planning my wedding. I also loved how it turned out.

If I didn’t also love being a nurse, I would drop everything and become a wedding planner.

Totally random blog today BTW… I just wanted to tell you what awesome inspiration I got for a wedding “theme”.

I was listening to one of my absolute favourite Christmas tunes on youtube

And suddenly I started fantasizing about using Tchaikovsky’s Nut Cracker music for a December wedding ceremony and possibly elements of the reception…. next thing you know I’m day dreaming all the elements of a December wedding I will never have, or worse, get to plan.

It would be a shame for all my day dreaming to go to waste though… so here it is. The December Wedding of my dreams. Pretty much all my inspiration comes from the Nutcracker Ballet

THe colours would be  bright whites, sparkling silvers, with maybe a few accents of icy blue

the setting would be somewhere modern (like my own wedding….I would have the reception at the same location since I’m a huge fan of that) The decor would also be modern.

The dress would obviously be ballet  inspired. I love this dress by Maggie Sotterro.

The groom would wear a fabulous grey suit rather than black.

The bouquet

The cake (picture many of these adorable cupcakes!)

The music: (obvioulsy all by Tchaikovsky)

bridesmaid processional – dance of the sugarplum fairy
brides processional – Waltz of the flowers (the well known parts!)
recessional – March

And for the reception, much as I love the Nutcracker… I would want something more fun. With words.

grand entrance – either Santa Baby or Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree
first dance – I would screw the theme and keep my original first dance song. I loved it. I want to grow old with you by Adam Sandler!
last song of the night – Have yourself a merry little christmas

At some point during  the night we are so rocking out to this and possibly this. Haaaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha



…I sooooo need to get a life.


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