oh what a week.

28 Nov

I left for work on Thursday morning after a glorious 2 days off. We had freezing rain the night before (My mom called to warn me, knowing that I typically just ignore the weather in winter – what’s the point of checking it? Everyday the forecast may as well be “disgusting”. Even on those nice sunny days where the snow looks all sparkly… the sun makes the snow melt a bit, and it turns into that brown sludge…. I’m getting off topic.)

Back to the rain. It was freezing rain, and it sucked. Then came the regular snow. The kind that stays on the ground. The kind you wake up to in the morning. I kicked myself for procrastinating, and not putting my winter tires on the car when I should have.

So thanks to mom’s warning, I woke up earlier than usual to try get a head start on the way to work, figuring everyone would be driving slowly. Well, everyone WAS driving really slowly, but it didn’t matter that I got up early because the freezing rain had frozen my car door shut!

I called mom (Of course! who else do you call in these situations?) She came to pick me up and drive me to work. Mom drives a brand-spanking new Jeep with 4-Wheel drive. The snow was nothing to her.

As I hopped into the passenger seat, my pants ripped. Guys, they REALLY ripped. The crotch seam split in half!

So I ran back into the house to change my scrubs, 0nly to get to work and realize I was scheduled for an in-service and didn’t have to wear scrubs.

I arrived at 7:45am, apologizing for being late. Turns out, I didn’t need to be there until 9am.

What a day.


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