my christmas decor philosophy

20 Nov

christmas has exploded in our living room.

Britton and I are both very sentimental people. I am addicted to keepsakes from happy times.  These are happy times.

As a sentimental person, I’ve always had a soft spot for “tacky” old-school christmas trees.  While stylized, colour coordinated modern trees are admittedly beautiful, I always feel a little sad when I have to spend Christmas around one.

My late grandmother had the tackiest tree in town. She had a paper stocking that my father had made her in kindergarten, two old popcorn garlands (one my dad and aunt had made one year when they were kids, the other my cousins had made some twenty-five years later), and an ugly old tree angel our family referred to as “Broom Hilda” because she looked more like a witch than an angel. Every christmas, grandma would tell guests the story of how Broom Hilda, the ugliest angel in town, came to be on our tree. She had given birth to my Aunt in September, and I guess she didn’t have much time to decorate with a two-month-old infant at home, because she left the decorating to christmas eve. She decided that day that my aunt deserved an angel on top of her first christmas tree, so she rushed to the general store in search of an angel. Broom Hilda was the only one left on the shelves. That tree was filled with tradition and memories. I loved it.

When we were kids, my moms philosophy was that christmas was for us. My dad worked out-of-town most of the time, so he was never home to help us decorate. My mom would put up the tree and take out the boxes of ornaments, and my brother, sister, and I would decorate the tree. That’s right. All the garlands and ornaments ended up on the bottom half of the tree, since we couldn’t reach higher. I’ve seen pictures… our trees looked pretty ugly, but we had so much fun, and we thought they were beautiful at the time. My mom confessed that one year, she tried to rearrange some of the ornaments after we had gone to bed… when we woke up the next morning, we noticed immediately, and started crying!

This year, our first married christmas, we’ve used all the old ornaments we remember from our childhood, and we got to tell one another some of the stories that go with them. Our tree is about one foot tall, and being held down (the cat keep trying to tip it over) with wrist weights and tools.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(we covered the wrist weights and tools with garland after this picture was taken)


Britton painted this wooden santa face when he was little!

My adorable husband made this all-important ornament when he was a child. The picture is of his best friend since Kindergarten, Matt. It hung on his tree every year when he was a kid. ❤

Jessica made this ornament for me 🙂


Do you have any christmas decorations with a story??


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