two smileys that describe your life right now

7 Nov

Good thing I’m not preggo because I’ve been downing coffee like it was going out of style. I’m sorry… did you miss my anti-caffeine blog post?? Woops.
Let me just say that my anti-caffeine blogpost can kiss my eh-ess-ess. mmmkay??

Hi Naive Stephanie of the Past – meet Working Overtime Nurse Stephanie of the Now.

Something I’ve learned about nurses on the job… If it’s caffeinated and it’s free? It could be plutonium, and we would drink it.

Ho-yeah. I don’t even LIKE coffee… but not only do I drink it now, I drink it like a CHAMP. Shitty work-vending-machine coffee that tastes like tar? Pffft! No problem! I’ll drink it black , steaming hot, and down it in 2 minutes – I will cringe, then spend the other 3 minutes lunch-break swearing about my burning esophagus and hunting down a potty so I can empty my about-to-burst bladder. Peeing has become a luxury for those who have time.

I know this isn’t a smiley (obviously) but google images tells me that there is no such thing as an “elderly smiley”or even an “old smiley”. Blarg.

I feel old these days. I discovered by first gray hair, but not on my scalp – in my eyebrow. Not only was it gray, it was twice as long as my other eyebrow hairs and coarse!! (much like the lovelies posted above.)

P.S – you should probably know that I only started drinking coffee on the 30th of October when my friend Ryan offered me a cup of his AMAZING fresh ground stuff – it was actually delicious… My talents and addictions progress quickly, I guess.



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