5 people who mean a lot (in no order)

13 Sep

1. Britton – Of course he means a lot. As a married woman, I’ve invested my future in this person.

2. Jessica – My birth sister drives me NUTS sometimes (as all birth sisters do) – it’s so wonderful to have someone I love just as much, and feel just as close with,  who doesn’t get on my nerves 50% of the time. (though I do love my sister and she would totally make this list if it allowed more than 5 people)

3. Robyn – because you make me laugh better than anyone I know. (and you’re an awesome best friend, there’s that)

4. Minou and Amie: to me, they may as well be little people! they have so much personality!! Even though Amie woke me up about 4 times last night and peed in my suitcase (she’s having separation anxiety now that Britton’s gone for the week) I still love them more than I love most people. Not to sound like a crazy cat lady or anything – but they are my babies.

5. my brother-in-law: He doesn’t know it, but knowing him, and seeing how much my husband’s family loves him, and his personal struggle with mental illness (he has spent the last decade of his life in psychiatric hospitals) and just all the things he has gone through has changed my view on so many things, made me a more compassionate person and really taught me what it means to be brave, and how much family matters. On the family note, my mother-in-law should ALSO go on this list because she has truly been the best mom ever to her boys. You can tell they are her whole world. I hope to be as good a mother someday, and that my children appreciate me the way her boys appreciate her.

And because 5 people just aren’t enough: My mom!! because she is role model, an amazing woman, and my best friend.


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