8 ways to win my heart (and hotties of the year)

9 Sep

1. Show that you are a compassionate person

2. Make me laugh

3. stay positive and smile often

4. cook delicious vegan meals

5. sing along to 80’s Madonna songs with me when we are alone in the car. I promise not to tell your buddies

6. Play in my hair. Brush it for me, give me scalp massage – ANYTHING

7. Be a gentleman. I was raised by my Grandma – and as much as the feminist in me protests, I like when a man holds the door open for me, pulls my chair out for me at restaurants, etc.

8. Be patient with me. I’m a sensitive emotional person. Don’t act all weird when I start crying about a sad story I read in the newspaper. I’m already embarrassed about crying in front of you, and I can’t help it.

Oh and… Looking like one of the following men never hurts.

A-Skars is pretty much the best looking man on the tube these days. ❤ he looks even yummier without his shirt on

Yeah yeah yeah – I know he’s gay. Even so, how can you not crush on this man? his face is so boy-next-door and friendly… it just SCREAMS “you can trust me” (probably why Barney Stinson has so much success). I love NPH – he makes me laugh, what can I say?

My husband. I’m beginning to notice a pattern here – all these men are blonde and have blue eyes. Plus, hubs and A-Skars both have cleft chins. Clearly my guy is a perfect blend of NPH and A-Skars. I am so totally biased – but feel free to comment if you agree with me!


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