ten things I would like to say to ten people, right now.

3 Sep

1. Robyn, Cady and Johanna : jealous that you’re going to see Gaga tomorrow night

2. husband: thanks for the soy ice cream! felt great on my swollen tonsils!

3. Emma Watson: Love your new haircut. Don’t listen to the haters.

I think you’re channeling 60’s Twiggy and I love it.

4. Doctor I saw at the clinic (whose name I will not reveal on the internet): I think it’s BS that you walked into the room, said “open wide” shined a light down my throat and wrote me a prescription. You didn’t ask me any questions, feel my lymphatic glands, or ask me about any other symptoms I had. As a nurse, I do more thorough assessments than you! Also, you had no reason not to write me a referral to an ENT as I asked. It’s not a GPs job to decide the fate of the tonsils you didn’t even ask about! I get that you’re busy, but that was ridiculous.

5. Pharmaceutical giants: I would love to know why 20 pills cost me 80$? Are they made with platinum? …Bastards.

6. Hugh Laurie: cannot wait for September 20th! As a long-time fan of House, I have been anxiously awaiting the moment House and Cuddy get together. Cannot wait to watch you screw it all up. Is that sick?? Also, I secretly (or I guess not-so-secretly since I just posted this on the internet) think you are a total babe…though it took about 2 seasons for you to grow on me that way.

7. George Laraque: I have loved you since I read about your veganism in the Toronto Star. I loved you even more when I found out you’re working for the Green Party now…and I loved every minute of your CBC interview. You’re my fave hockey player for sure (even though I don’t follow hockey, and know nothing about your hockey career.) Oh, and you’re French-Canadian comme moi, and I love that too.

8. Lady at Eat Local: that food box program you told me about was NOT 100% local. false advertising, my friend. The product-of-colombia bananas tipped me off.

9. Waterloo friends: miss you all dearly

10. Our sponsor-child in Mali, Ibrehima: I cannot wait to start writing you and getting to know you! Hopefully someday we will meet.


One Response to “ten things I would like to say to ten people, right now.”

  1. eurybe08 September 4, 2010 at 9:30 pm #

    I love emma’s haircut too. it’s cute.. It’s almost like mine 🙂

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