top ten makeup products I cannot live without

28 Aug

this is for you, Jess

1. Smashbox Halo powder – this stuff not only wears all day, but it looks better and better as the day goes on and it settles onto your skin and mixes with your natural oils… it also contains ingredients that are awesome for your skin, AND I love how I look all nice and glowy (but not TOO glowy, if you know what I mean!) – most powders makes my skin look WAY too dull and matte.  I also love the packaging!! You just turn this mettal thing, and it shaves off as much powder as you want! this powder never ever leaves a huge mess in my bag.

2. Lise Watier Les Correcteurs – I’ve been using this stuff since I was 16. I asked for a product that could cover up the GIANT hickey on my neck (thanks Britton). I walked out of the store 30$ later (the price has probably gone up) with an invisible hickey. This product lasts me about 2 years if I use it every day. I also love all the the things you can do with it! conceal/cover/highlight/contour. Brilliant.

3. Dior Eyeshadows – I love these shadows. They stay put all day, they don’t look chalky, they go on very well, they blend EXTREMELY well, and the price really isn’t that bad when you think about it! You can also wear them wet or dry (and I often take advantage of that!). I love MAC for the pigmented colour, and you really can’t beat MAC for colour selection, but they don’t blend as well, and I find them to be more expensive. One Dior eyeshadow pallet will put you back about 60$ (before taxes) but it comes with 5 colours. Mac shadows are about 20$ (before taxes!) each for one colour. I’ll let you do the math.

4. Nars blush in Orgasm – I read somewhere that this was the best selling blush of all time, and I can see why. The colour is a lovely pinky peach with gold undertones and it looks AMAZING on everyone. It also looks incredibly natural. I will never buy another blush as long as I live. I love the colour so much, that I even bought the matching lipgloss, and have my eye on the nail polish.

5. Primer – I’m not too partial on which primer. I have Mac right now, and I like it. I think I prefer Smashbox photo-finish primer, but to be honest they are pretty close. I love primer. You wouldn’t paint the walls without priming them first, would you? Same with my face. Everything feels so nice and smooth, and LOOKS so nice and smooth, when I use primer. I only ever use this when I’m getting all decked out and want to look my absolute best. On a typical day, I wear minimal makeup.

6. MAC waterproof eyeliner pencils– I cry alot. So these are really good for me. However, I still hate waterproof mascara. When are they going to improve that stuff?? it’s been like, 20 years! why is it still so thick and clumpy?? YUCK!

7. A good set of brushes – I don’t really care where you get them, but good brushes are ESSENTIAL. They really are an investment and make a big difference.

8. Mascara – I’ve tried them all. Expensive, cheap…all of them. I honestly think it doesn’t make a difference. My fave mascara ever is Lancome Hypnose, but it’s not a HUGE difference. Plus, I would rather buy the cheap stuff since all mascara gets clumpy after about 4 months. If I’ve gotta buy it that often, may as well get Revlon or some such brand.

9. Bronzer – I contour a lot with this, and I like how my skin looks with bronzer. I don’t like bronzers with a lot of shimmer, but I also don’t like them too powdery of chalky. Right now I’m using Este Lauder mattifying bronzer and I’m a big fan, but I don’t think it matters too much. Just be sure you try the product before you buy it, wear it for a few hours and see how it feels on your skin, did it last, etc, before you buy the product. I never buy makeup I can’t try first.

10. lip gloss – no look is ever complete without a little something on your lips. I only ever wear lipstick when I’m getting really dressed up. And even then, I prefer lip Stain. Josie Maran makes AMAZING lip stains BTW. On a day to day basis I love gloss. I don’t like things that are too sticky, too shiny, too watery, flavoured (i just lick it off!), or too sheer (have not yet tried one that was too opaque!). Brands I like are NARS, MAC (thought some of their plumping glosses are a bit sticky), Smashbox, Benefit, Este Lauder, Elizabeth Arden, and most Revlon (again, some aren’t great. Try a little on your hand and see how it feels/looks before buying)

that is all! hope it helps!


One Response to “top ten makeup products I cannot live without”

  1. Robyn September 9, 2010 at 2:27 pm #

    I tried the nailpolish on at Sephora…not that great.

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