how is it possible?

22 Aug

Seriously! LOOK at our cats. How did we manage to pick the two CUTEST kitties on the face of the earth??

Those two make me laugh everyday. I’ll spare you more adorable photos of Minou in boxes… I’m sure that I’m starting to resemble one of those new moms who thinks every single photos of her baby in the bathtub is the cutest thing you have ever seen in your life.

But I do believe that I have yet to post a photo of my gorgeous Amie-cat?

well then, in that case, It would be completely unfair of me NOT to post a this adorable photo of her chillin’ in a bowl.

Yeah, somehow she managed to steal the show from the GORGEOUS stinson studios bowl we received as a wedding present. Yes, that is tree bark still left on the rim of the bowl. Yes, they just carve bowls and things out of tree trunks. Yes, I will stop talking about the dang bowl!

As you can already tell by the fact that I’ve actually posted a picture, I’m getting a bit better with the MacBook Pro. I’m still finding new and interesting things to get annoyed with though. Yesterday I could not find the “eject CD from CD slot” button that all other computers seem to have. Of course, my husband came to my rescue, and showed me that it’s a key. on the keyboard. It’s a hat with a line under it. Somehow I was supposed to know that this key would eject disks. Silly me.

I am also getting annoyed with seeing “i” in front of EVERYTHING. How did that even start, anyways?? Why “i”, why not “m” for Macintosh?? (or however it’s spelled – I always just see “Mac”- so clearly, I cannot be expected to know how the full word is spelled!)…I guess “mPod” doesn’t have the same ring to it?

It seems like every freaking program on this thing is iSomething. Earlier this week, I asked myself “What the frig is iCal?” – it’s a calendar, DUH! Others are more obvious – iMovie, iTunes, iPhoto, iChat; but still more are mysterious… iDvD, iSync (still have no clue what this is!), iWeb… and when they don’t have an i in front of them, the names make no sense. “Garage Band” – I obviously thought it was a game. Nope. I actually have no clue what it is, but it’s not a game. Other dumb program names include Automator, font book (?? dictionary of fonts? Font archives??), Front Row, and Mozy Home.

I’m sure that once I’m used to this thing, all these names will make perfect sense to me. I sometimes forget how ridiculous Windows must seem to someone who doesn’t know any better.

When I lived with my Grandma, she once asked me to show her how to turn off my Dad’s computer

Moi: “Ok, you see this arrow? you can move it with this thing here – it’s called a mouse. Move the arrow to where it says “start” on the bottom left of the screen.”
Grandma: “But I don’t want to start it!!! I want to turn it off!!!!!”

that’s all for now!



One Response to “how is it possible?”

  1. Robyn August 27, 2010 at 10:56 pm #

    Awwww Amie is so adorable, but you know that.


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