on health and falling off the wagon

16 Aug

Ever since our wedding, our routine has been all over the place.

The week before the wedding was a blur of excited chaos, and as a result, I was barely eating.

The week after the wedding was spent with out-of-town guests, close friends, and family – there was an air of celebration in the air – We were excited to finally be married, and it was hard to let the party mood of our wedding slip away… so I guess we just kept on celebrating! Needless to say, I gained a few pounds – but I didn’t care. “It’ll come off when I’m back in my usual routine!”

Britton and I NEVER eat out. It’s very rare. In the week before and the week following the wedding, we ate out – a LOT. Sure, as vegans we weren’t exactly stuffing our faces with fatty take-out every night, but restaurant vegan fare is pretty carb heavy compared to our typical meals.

During the honeymoon, we only ate out once, and spent our nights at home experimenting with the cool new foods we discovered (and rediscovered) in the DR. Never in my life have I eaten so much fruit. Even though we indulged in pretty much anything we desired to eat, I managed to come home without gaining a single pound (but I didn’t lose any either!).

After the honeymoon, I started a new job – which threw off my routine big time! We also had to get serious about packing and planning for the great northern migration. I managed to maintain my weight through that as well. But as move-out day approached, and our kitchen became a war-zone of cardboard boxes and empty drawers, we found ourselves eating out more and more…. hello extra poundage!

The move was no better, we spent a long day on the road, and after weeks of not eating my best, I stopped craving healthy foods. I suddenly found myself day dreaming of french-fries, diet soda, and sweet sugary snacks. The fruit we had packed to snack on was just not cutting it for me anymore.

We then spent a week unpacking and organizing the new place, and we found ourselves cooking quick, packaged, convenience foods because we just wanted to get back to work and get this house organized already! I didn’t weigh myself, but I knew I had gained more weight.

Then we went to my grand-mamans for a week. Our time there was spent pretty much sitting on our butts, except for the few days we spent touring around Ottawa and Montreal while my mom stayed home with grand-maman. My grand-mamans pride and joy is feeding people… and she bought LOADS of processed, not-so-great vegan food for us in anticipation of our visit… she also loaded up on sugar cereals for us. So that’s what we ate!

Which brings me to now. I weighed in this morning and have gained a whopping 15 lbs in total since our wedding day just over two months ago.

I will say that I am proud of the fact that I didn’t panic at all. Given my extensive history with bulimia nervosa, this is HUGE. I just recognized that it’s time to focus on being healthy and nourishing my body. I’m breaking out again, and I don’t feel like myself anymore. I will not diet. I will just focus on eating whole nutritious foods until I feel good again. I also need to get active. Last month I suffered a pretty painful injury after falling from my bike, and as a result, I had to swear off cycling for a while. It’s time to get back on the bike. I am also considering starting to run.

I know, I know, what about my arthritis?? I’ve been doing some thinking, and I wonder if I’ve been using my rheumatism as a crutch to keep me from trying scary new things. Yes, my knees are bad, but in actual fact, my RA is SO well controlled that I don’t even need medication! I only take anti-inflamatory meds as needed. Which, if you’ve ever known someone with rheumatoid arthritis, is pretty freakin’ good.

anyways, this post is getting too long.



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    on health and falling off the wagon…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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