how to help your parents pack

28 Jul

This guest post is brought to you by our eldest fur-baby, Minou

1. Wake parents up bright and early by hopping onto their bed and demanding attention. This is not the time to be sleeping in, folks!

2. Investigate all the yet-to-be constructed boxes. Humans NEVER remember to sniff every square inch of their cardboard before trusting it to hold their stuff.

3. Once the cardboard is deemed safe, help mom tape the bottom of the box by biting the tape.

4. Forget biting the tape. It’s kind of sticky, and tastes like garbage. Let her use her scissors…but make sure you supervise her.

5. clean your paws thoroughly, and try to get the yucky tape-taste out of your mouth.

5. Sniff the box again, just to be sure it’s secure.

6. Once Mom and Dad have filled the box, hop in to inspect their packing job.

7. Warm up their packed stuff by lying on it. Don’t forgot to leave a few cat hairs behind, that way you won’t accidentaly warm the same box twice.

8. You’ve worked really hard! Take a nap in the box of coats.

9. When Dad starts to wrap all the fancy stuff in newspaper, help him out by pawing at the crumply paper.

10. Enjoy the amusing sensation of  paper crumpling by pawing at it even more, and purring loudly.

11. When Mom leaves to get more boxes, run out the door and insist on going with her.

12. When she catches you and puts you back in the house, go sit under the couch and sulk until Dad takes pitty on you and pets you.

*sigh* Where would they be without me??


2 Responses to “how to help your parents pack”

  1. Jill July 28, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    Such a cute post. 🙂 I would love to write one as Justy. lol He always has LOTS to say.

  2. Amanda Nightingale July 28, 2010 at 4:55 pm #

    Great job Minou, really good for your first post. I’m glad the packing is going well. I’m going to miss you and your brother and sister, when you move up North. And your Mom and Dad are going to have to find another babysitter, but don’t worry I’ll go visit you sometime, (and bring you treats, and a mango for your brother Draco too).


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