26 Jul

This weekend was so nostalgic.

Britton and I picked up our wedding photos on Friday, and left Saturday morning for a family reunion (his moms’ side of the fam) and on Sunday we celebrated my Grandma Irene’s life at her memorial.

My Dad planted a GORGEOUS memorial garden at the farm (which he inherited). I know my grandma would have loved it.

She passed away in January, but refused to have a funeral (as did my Grandpa). My Aunt wanted a bit more closure, so they decided a memorial was the way to go.

I was very close with my grandma, as I lived with her from the time I was 15 until I finaly left for universty at age 18.

Britton and I both have so many memories at Grandma’s farm. Britton coming over to help me with homework before we started dating; parking his bike in the bushes around our house at midnight on school nights, army crawling to my bedroom window (my room was in the basement, and the window to my room was RIGHT below my grandma’s bedroom window!), staying up late in my room at night when he shouldn’t have even been there, almost getting cought by my Dad on one of those occasions, Britton hiding from my Dad in my closet completely naked (kind of hilarious now, but terrifying at the time!); Britton helping me feed the cows; sneaking out and meeting him at Caledonia Road in a car he “borrowed” from his mom while she was sleeping ; going on walks and sneaking away into the corn fields… And there are the memories we have of her.  Ever-full bowls of scotch mints; the pies she always made when she knew Britton would be there for dinner, playing with her dogs; asking her permission to go to Washington DC together when we were only 16 (she let us! But only because his Dad was living there at the time!), her giving me all the American money that she had for the trip; her mini-bar; laughing about her olive-green sink and bathtub; her shag carpeting; Her sending Britton home at midnight every single saturday; her waiting for me to come home, even though I never missed curfew; her huge collection of Dr. Seuss books; the library in her basement filled exclusively with mystery novels; eating her canned peaches together while watching TV; her ugly Christmas-tree angel whom she affectionately named Broom Hilda because she looked more like a witch than an angel; Her hilarious stories; her sense of humour; her having too many rye and cokes with her best friend in the kitchen, and telling me all about the time she greeted my Grandpa after work wearing nothing but an apron, and him not even noticing until she turned around to put some clothes on, embarrassed; Her laugh; Her hilarious philosophies on things like food; Her desire to feed everyone; Sending Britton and I off to University with “care packages” from her fruit cellar in the basement; the way she used to stock up on food and store it in the fruit cellar, just so that she wouldn’t have to go grocery shopping as often, but then she would give it away to us grandkids every time we went to visit; Viva Puff cookies; her water bed; sleeping in her bed when I was in little…

So many good memories.

I love corn fields. I used to detassle the corn in the summers as a job (My grandma got me the job), this year the stalks are so high, you could never reach them.

I should be off to bed… I woke up with major sinusitis, and I’m a bit high on sudafed at the moment.



One Response to “Memories”

  1. Jessica July 30, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    These are such beautiful memories Stephanie, thank you for making me smile. And what a great picture, frame that one.

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