Tropical Terwoords and Naughty Nightingales

22 Jul

Busy busy busy!

Last weekend I had the honour of co-hosting my friend Amanda’s bridal shower. What a day!!

Her mother and I worked like a DOG to put the shindig together!!! It included two signature drinks, cooking food for 50 people (we served them a hot turkey dinner!), floral centerpieces on all ten tables – cocktail hour – it was BRUTAL. it took us 14 hours to prepare the day before – and that’s not including all the work her mother did the day before that!!! It was a pool party, dinner party, bonfire, bridal shower, cocktail party all wrapped into one.

I am very pleased to have been a part of the planning and preparations, and the day was beautiful and turned out really well! I was so proud of her mother and I’s handiwork!!

Oh, and those signature drinks were a hit (ahem). The Tropical Terwoord was the virgin drink (named after her fiancé, who does not drink) and the Naughty Nightingale was the alcoholic beverage of choice for the evening (named after the bride).  I may or may not have taken one-too-many for the team  while taste testing the naughty nightingales with her family the night before the party. A MOH’s gotta do what a MOH’s gotta do!

this weekend is looking like a busy one too! We have a family reunion to go to, and my grandmother’s memorial (she passed in January, and didn’t want a funeral) My dad planted a memorial garden for her at the farm – so our friends and family will be there to see the  flowers a bloomin’.

I’m also picking up my pro pics from the photographers tomorrow! They have been ready for a week – but I’ve just been SO BUSY.  I cannot wait to see them!!


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