hubby is a hero.

5 Jul

I am the hero this town needs.
I am…. the coon.

Ok, for serious though. This man is a hero.

Today, one of our neighbors cats got STUCK on the roof of our entrance (which is two stories up). The poor thing was meowing like crazy and her owners had no idea what had happened.
My husband SCALED the side of our building – like spidey – risking serious injury – rescued the grateful kitty (who purred like crazy!) and proceeded to knock on each door in our building until we found the owners.

Sadly – I did not have my camera.

Oh and P.S. the QUEEN was in town today – and she wore a long-sleeved COAT,  gloves, and a hat – and didn’t sweat in the 41-with-humidex weather.

Best one month anniversary ever.


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