can I has one of these, please?

30 Jun

My birthday is coming up on August 12. If there is anyone reading this who has some spare change they would like to either donate to me, or like, buy me stuff with …

I read my cousin-in-law’s blog – and every once in a while she features “would you rock it?” segments. Usually, I would not rock it. The stuff she features can be a little out there, or it’s nerd merch – don’t get me wrong – the stuff is super cool and these days, it’s hip to be square – it’s just not my style.

But recently she posted one of these babies.

Oooh yeah. It’s from nOir jewelry‘s animal line. So in love with this stuff.Aparently Katy Perry, Gaga, and Rhianna are all fans of nOir, too. Just sayin’

They are totally affordable too! (for quality costume jewelry!)


So…. would YOU rock it? ’cause I would.

These are only a select few of their line – so you should head on over to their site to see the rest. Especially the super-cute flying pig.

I so badly want this pink elephant. They have another elephant, but it looks too circus-y… and that would make me sad every time I looked at it. Plus, this one is clearly an albino. And has a pearl on its little pink trunk. Darling. Every time I look at it, I will think of the adorable pink albino elephant I read about last summer on the BBC.

with its mama! Elephants are my fave animal – just an FYI.

This poor little guy will probably die because it can’t handle the sun – and it lives in sunny Africa. I’m so sad now.


One Response to “can I has one of these, please?”

  1. rovisi June 30, 2010 at 5:29 pm #

    I just want the albino elephant! He’s cute!

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