more honeymoon

22 Jun

Eff you wordpress. Wanted to post my “cribs” honeymoon house tour – but discovered I need to pay 60 bucks for some video upgrade. This shiz is bananas.

Pfffffft. As a new grad, and considering I have maybe all of ten readers, soooo not worth it. Sorry folks!

In final honeymoon news – Britton and I spent our final day there sick sick sick. Who knows what happened but we were feeling pretty miserable.  Actually, it inspired me to write a blog sharing some of the heath tips and tricks I learned in nursing school that I never knew before! stuff like caring for husbands patients with fevers, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. Will post that one tomorrow!

We’re feeling way better now – my husband was so cute – while we were in bed, with fever chills, there was a HORRIBLE thunderstorm – the storm was so loud that the windows shook! anyways – where was I going with this?? Oh yes! My adorable husband. He went on vacay with his dad to the Galapagos Islands (t’was his high school grad present!) and he got MAJORLY sick. He landed himself in the hospital for a good week when he got home and missed his university’s O-week becuase of it. All because he ate some lettuce that someone had rinsed with tap water – so, needless to say, he’s a bit nervous about getting sick again while on vacation.

So after we both determined we were very sick, he was a bit very very panicked. Of course, anxiety makes everything worse… Anyways, after we had recovered, he tells me that a lot of what calmed him was “At least I’m here with my own private nurse. She’ll know what to do!” I’m glad I could be his hero for the 24 hours he was freaking out. Poor guy.

and finaly, some pictures of our week in the DR at Villa Arboleda (will be posting more pics throughout the week, no worries!)

At the airport

View from our living room in the morning!

our very own private pool

outdoor lounge

This tree was like, 5 minutes away from the house, and it was in one of the Jurassic Park movies!

Anyways, we got in late last night, and went to a solstice party tonight at CALM house, so I’m pretty beat – I best be getting to bed!

g’night all!


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