basic family nursing care 101 – fevers

22 Jun

Before I begin nursing 101 – guess what? I uploaded the Villa Arboleda tour video! you can view it here

Ok, now let’s get down to business.


fevers are your body’s way of dealing with infection – they are a GOOD thing, a natural immune response that helps your body fight off whatever it needs to fight off. You should never ever treat a fever unless it’s over 38 degrees celsius. This is not to say that 38 degrees is dangerous or anything like that, so please, don’t freak out calling your doctor because your husband has a temperature of 38.1. What you basically need to know about a fever is this  – When you get fever chills, your fever will rise. When we are cold, our body gives us the chills, and makes us shiver to warm us up (it’s alllllll part of homeostasis, baby!) sometimes your body gives your chills even when you’re feverish, this is because it’s trying to raise the body’s temperature further. Sweating when you have a fever, on the other hand, is a GOOD thing – it means the fever is breaking and the body is trying to cool itself down.

How do I treat a fever? Acetaminophen. Tylenol is an antipyretic medication, which means it fights fevers. There are other drugs that work just as well, (all containing acetaminophen) such as Motrin, etc. Read the directions on the label carefully, and follow dosage recommendations. Never put someone with a fever in an ice bath. It does nothing except make them extremely uncomfortable. If you are that concerned about the fever being too high, take your loved one to the hospital.

When should I contact my doctor? If a fever continues to rise and cannot be controled, please contact your doctor.

Simple, no?


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