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18 Jun


Today was the best day yet!!! we woke up early, got ready, and headed into town to the tour office!! The man who runs the tour office is known around a town as “the walrus” but don’t ever call him that to his face. He’s round, bald, and has a HUGE bushy grey mustache. It covers his lips!!!

Anyways, the walrus assigned Britton and I a super nice tour guide, and we were off! We hopped on our quads (Britton and I shared one) – quading in the DR is HUGE. It’s legal to ride them in the streets, so people take them everywhere. A lot of streets here aren’t paved, so it’s easier to quad.

We finaly pulled up to this cute horse farm/diner. We had a break, then met our horse, Juan. Britton is VERY allergic to horses, to he opted to walk to the waterfall.

We rode the horse through the forest – soooo beautiful! When we finaly got to the waterfall we were blown away. We were there by ourselves for about ten minutes before a group of tourists arrived. Britton and I were the first ones to swim in it, and everyone else followed. It was by far one of the best experiences of my life! we swam under the falls, BEHIND the falls (there is a big cave!) and in the pool in front of the falls. As the locals say – it was MAGNIFICO!!!

After the falls, we went back to the diner where they seved us a HUGE buffet meal. I had two full plates!! The meal is included with the tour – and let me tell you, the tour was only 45$ per person! You really get your money’s worth! The guide was excellent, he held out his hand for me during the hike, took pictures of us together, and guarded all our stuff while we were swimming, AND he drove us back home, and dropped us off right at our front door!

We’re now at home resting up- the excursions really take it out of you, we will likely go to the beach for the afternoon

Adios Amigos!!!!


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