e-mail numero quatro!

17 Jun

Hola!! (I’ve been practicing my espanol)

yesterday was pretty relaxing – we just vegged out around the house, read up on DR history and the like. swam in the pool, read books, napped, you know – just chillin’. It was just what we needed!!

Sadly, the tour to see Las Haitises Parques National isn’t going to happen while we’re here since the boat they use is having major engine problemos, and will be out of commission for a good week.
We decided to go on a different excursion instead! We’re going to El Limon Waterfall tomorrow! apparently it’s the most gorgeous waterfall in the DR. All my guide books talk about it. Should be good! We’re going to ride quads over there, and then once we get to the rain forest, we’re going to ride horses up to the waterfall. Once we’re there, you can swim in it and all that. “Swim in a waterfall” is definitely on my bucket list, so I’m pretty excited about it!

Today was another day of vegging around the house. We took a “jaguar” into town to get some more fruit (I swear, I’ve never eaten so much fruit in my life!). There there a few ways to get around town in Las Terrenas. 1) rent a car and drive 2) hire moto conchos (a dude on a motorcycle picks you up and gives you a ride, but you should only ever go with one wearing a yellow vest! The others are just freelancers, so you can’t be sure you can trust them.) 3) take a cab. 4)take a jaguar. No, not the sports car, and no, not the animal. what the heck is it? Basically, you stand outside, and wait for a guy in a pick-up truck to drive by. Not just any pickup truck, a pick-up truck with crude wooden benches built into the back cab. If he sees you waiting, he’ll honk at you (to see if you want a ride, and to let you know he’s a jaguar) If you DO want a ride, you wave your hand, he stops, and you hop into the back of the truck, sit on the crude wooden bench, and hang on for dear life. When you want to get off, you just bang the top of the truck to let him know to stop. The locals get around like this all the time. Britton and I did it today – it’s SUPER cost-effective (har dee har har), and to be honest…. it was kind of super fun. You could never ride around town in the back of a pickup in Canada! You’d be stopped for sure!!! It’s totally legal here, though!…and did I mention it was el cheapo?

I learned all kinds of cool stuff about island life today, just from talking to the locals (a lot of foreigners live in Las Terrenas, mostly from France) and we met some of our neighbours, too! Britton keeps saying he’s so glad I’m french – People here either speak spanish or french(Haitians speak french, and ever since the earthquake, there is an abnormally large amount of Haitians here in the DR looking for work!) Plus, as I said, most of the foreigners speak french.

I’ll get into all the cool island history stuff some other time – this e-mail is getting kinda lonnng!

beaucoup d’amour
-Stéphanie Jennerita (what I imagine my name would sound like if I were Dominican !!)


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