e-mail trois (yes, I know that’s French, not Spanish!)

16 Jun

Hola mama!

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. We went into town, got some more food, mostly fruit, came back to the house for lunch, then went to another beach for some more snorkeling. This beach had wayyyyyy more coral!! What we thought was a sandbar, was actually coral so high that you could walk on it if you weren’t concerned with damaging a fragile eco-system (Britton is constantly reminding me of this!) ANyways, most of it was still alive, too! we saw soooooooooo many fish. WAY more than the day before, and some of them were HUGE!! THankfully, we didn’t see any water snakes today!! OH! and we found a gorgeous spiral sea shell, with nothing living inside (it was half burried under sand, so we knew it was safe!) We took it to shore and have cleaned it out. I think it will look very pretty in our bathroom.

The fruit here is out of this world. Bananas, mangoes, papaya and pineapples (they call them Pina here) are all ripened right on the tree. It’s like the difference between vine-ripened tomatoes, and the kind you let ripen on your window sill. I cannot get over how much more delicious the fruit is here. We have been eating fruit like crazy! Making the most delicious smoothies you could ever imagine. We’ve also been cooking with a lot of coconut oil, and using coconut milk in the smoothies. Tonight we’re going to experiment with cooking plantains.

We had plans to go on a tour to Las Haitises Parques Nationale, but it got canceled ’cause not enough people signed up for it. We’re trying to see if we can reschedule it for another day. We decided to spend the day relaxing, and I have to say, it was needed. It’s been the perfect lazy day in paradise.

Love you!!!!



One Response to “e-mail trois (yes, I know that’s French, not Spanish!)”

  1. Jill June 17, 2010 at 8:23 am #

    Tres 🙂 Uno dos tres cuatro cinco cinco seis 😛 Is it bad that I remember that song?

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