e-mail numero uno

16 Jun

Hey mom,

The flight was good, I posted all the pictures on facebook. You won’t see many pictures of the house because I took a video tour of the place. I’ll post that when we get back to canada.

So anyways, the flight was great we watched a movie and just relaxed. Once they pilot announced we would be landing in the DR, I turned into a little kid. I looked out my window and I could see the DR!! You can even see the white sand beaches!!! so I’m furiously pointing out the window “Look!!! LOOK WHITE SAND!” (to Britton). the landscape from the plane only got more beautiful. I swore to Britton that I could see the bananas on the palm trees (turns out, alot of the trees here have giant yellow leaves under them. Oops)

So anyways, we arrive at the tiny airport, as soon as they opened the doors of the plane, you could literally FEEL the humidity. It was nuts. Once we got outside though, the weather was amazing!! There was a nice breeze, so you didn’t even notice the humidity. It was 29 celcius, and I didn’t even sweat! Talk about paradise.

So we get through all the airport security stuff, and waiting for us just outside is a tall, muscular, long blond-haired man, very tanned wearing really ratty clothes and speaking with an English accent. This was Douglas, the property manager. Not at all what I was expecting, but he was VERY nice, congratulated us, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and carried my suitcase to his truck.
….Mom, his truck was the biggest piece of shit I have ever seen. It was almost comical. Like, the door handle on the inside is BROKEN. So to get out of the car, you have to roll down your window, and open it from the outside!

So the drive begins to Las Terrenas, the beautiful beautiful drive. I won’t get into details because there are photos on facebook, but oh my god. Stunning. Also, there are random cows everywhere, and a PEACOCK crossed the road right in front of us!!! How cool is that?? They have WILD peacocks!!!

We drove for about an hour, got to know Douglas (who is awesome, by the way – a VERY cool guy.) anyways, so we get into Las Terrenas, Doug (the locals speak spanish, and they can’t say “Douglas”, so they call him “Dooglah”. it’s hilarious.) takes us to the supermarket to buy some food… we get a bit more of a tour – Did you know that the Jurassic Park movies were filmed like 5 minutes away from where we are staying?? We stop off at Doug’s house to get a few things he had picked up for us in advance…
Mom… I was floored. The hippy guy with the shit-box car lives in a freaking palace. His house was amazing. I would go so far as to say that it’s nicer than Villa Arboleda! We met his wife, who is super nice,  she was a celebrity hairstylist in London England, and there are pictures of her all over the house with people like Victoria Beckham and royalty that I have never heard of.

So then he took us to the house, gave us the grand tour, while we tried to pay attention and pick our jaws up off of the floor. After he left we IMMEDIATELY hopped into the pool. The glorious pool where the water is the perfect temperature, and there was juuuust the right amount of chlorine! After that we did some sun tanning, reading, had a nap (we woke up at 4am to catch our flight – we were BEAT!), cooked some dinner, went for another swim, played some boardgames, and got ready for bed.
Ok… soo…. bedtime was not the smooth transition we thought it would be. Being the geniuses that we are, we decided to leave ALL the bedroom windows WIDE open so we could feel the breeze. Well, the screen is kind of weird, and it doesn’t really form a proper seel in the windows and doorways. So…. all the bugs and creepy crawlies were attracted by our bedroom light. We just sort of ignored them until this GIANT bug flung himself onto my breast. I started screaming, jumped out of the bed shreiking like a banshee. Turns out, it was just some kind of harmless beetle. But still. We decided to move to the other, equally beautiful, bug-free master bedroom, and I’m happy to say that we slept amazing, and there were no bugs.

That’s it for yesterday! Today we have big plans to tour Las Terrenas, maybe do a little bit of shopping!

Love you!!!!!
-Mrs. Jenner


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