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16 Jun

Hey mom,

Yesterday was pretty great. We went into Las Terrenas to rent a car, it’s really cute, red… made by some company we’ve never heard of, Terios? The rental agreement was 100% in spanish, so we have no idea what we signed, but Doug has been renting from them for years and he told us the gist of it all. Interesting fact – cars here actually KEEP their value. For example, doug’s shit box truck wouldn’t even pass the road test in North America… but here, it’s valued at over 3 thousand dollars. Maintaining cars here is really cheap, too. The people in town work as a community to fix your car up for you. Doug told us he once get into an accident so bad that it took a door right off of his rental car… the rental company charged him 140 USD$ in damages. that’s it. Oh, and you never ever ever pay mileage on a rental car. You just take it, and bring it back with the amount of gas you had when you left. And it’s only 50$ per day! that’s pretty cheap, if you ask me! Oh, and there is no set time to have the car back by!!!!! EVERYONE here is SUPER laid back. I think it’s an island thing. Life here is slow going, no one gets mad, everyone just chills out, hits the beach on their lunch break…  Sunday it’s their day off – they take it very seriously, and EVERYONE parties after church. Doug says that half his men don’t show up to work on mondays because they are hung over. They don’t even lie about it! they just call and say “Sorry, partied too hard last night…. I’m a bit hung over.” They obviously don’t get paid that day, and that’s that. Doug doesn’t mind. The kind of work he does doesn’t have a deadline or anything like that.

So anyways, we went into town, got a rental car, and then tried to drive to a supermarket. The problem here is that half of the streets are one-way, none of the streets have names, and dominicans don’t obey road rules. Needless to say,  it’s a bit stressful. Poor Britton got SO stressed out that we parked the car on the beach and decided that we would WALK to the supermarket. Well, there is only one in town, and we got lost. Finaly, a really nice man named Louis helped us find it, and walked with us the full 45 minutes to the store. On the way, he asked if we would buy him diapers for his two month old son, since he had walked us. We agreed. Britton and I were glad to help. It’s so sad that people here can’t afford to even buy diapers for their children, since that kind of stuff is all imported. He helped us buy fruit from the fruit stands too, and he haggled with the vendors on our behalf so that we wouldn’t get ripped off (since we’re tourists). we bought TONS of fruit for a little over 4 bucks. It was awesome.

After the supermarket, he helped us find our way back to our car, and thanked us. Oh, I forgot to mention, while we were in town, we decided to buy Samantha (for all you blog readers, she’s my little sister!!! Going to be 19 in three days!) a little something for her birthday. There is this really pretty blue semi-precious stone called Larimar. There is only ONE larimar mine in the whole entire world, and it’s right here in the Dominican Republic!! Britton was so cute, he hunted all over for a peice of larimar jewelry for Samantha that we could afford. He decided on a pair of simple earings, and he bought a pair for me, too. Husband of the year material, right there. I love how much a part of our family is. Did you know that when Howie (blog readers – Howie is my younger brother) calls to speak to him, he says “Is my brother there?”

So anyways, we went back to the house, ate some lunch, and then headed to the beach. Doug gave us his snorkeling gear, so we didn’t have to rent any. We went to Playa Les Ballenas, which is one of the prettiest beaches on the entire island. we sun tanned for a bit, walked along the water, then decided to do some snorkeling. I’ve never snorkeled before, Britton has. At first, it was pretty boring. Just plain white sand, no fish…. we saw one HUGE spiral seashell, which I wanted, but it turns out something was living inside it. Yuck. Britton kept telling me we had to swim out to the reif to see any of the good stuff. Well, after about 3 minutes of swimming, and plain white sand, I get all freaked out about sharks. What if there was a shark?? So I swam back to shore, told britton that I was too scared, and he had to swim out, find the reif, make sure it was safe, then swim back to get me and I would go with him. He did. We got to the reif together and it was AMAZING. Not a shark in sight. There were schools of brightly colored fish, and I even found a few shells! Sooooo many fish, including a HUGE electric blue one with a yellow tail, and the reif was gorgeous… sea urchins and all kinds of cool stuff. The fun abruptly ended when we saw a sea snake. It looks exactly like a snake, but it’s under water, and it was white and purple. Sea Snakes are very poisonous, and very very dangerous. I had no idea they were dangerous, but there was a huge snake swimming around nontheless that that’s kind of scary, so I immediated started to swim back. Thankfully, Britton and I are both safe, no snake bites or anything like that. I wish we had an underwater camera though!!!

after the beach, we came back home, had a jacuzzi bubble bath, tried to get all the sand off of ourselves, swam in the pool, ate dinner, and tried to decide what we want to do today. We played a few more boardgames (we makes bets on each game, for example “whoever loses has to cook dinner tomorrow night!”). Bedtime was uneventful, no bugs. The thing about bugs here in the DR is that they are SO DECEIVING. Everything is a bug in disguise. Like last night, I was sitting on the toilet, and there was little leaf, about the size of half your pinky toe nail just on the floor…. well, the leaf started slowly inching it’s way across the floor.  I called for Britton, and of course when he got there, the thing stopped and he told me “it’s just a leaf!” right after he said that, a little head pokes out the stem of the leaf, and the thing starts moving again!!! isn’t that wild?? We saw another one this morning. We also see about two geckos per day. We’ve started naming them. There is one that likes to hang out near our bedroom. He’s there every day! Britton named him Senor Geckoster Jenner – but you have to say it with a spanish accent. lol.

We also saw a tree frog last night. I took pictures that I will post on facebook tonight.

anyways, we’re off to town again today to pick up a few things, and then we’re going to hit another beach!!!

love you!!



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  1. Jessica June 16, 2010 at 6:36 pm #

    This sounds amazing Steph, love you. Can’t wait to hear from you when you get back.

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