packin’ up.

12 Jun

in case you have not been reading mah blog – husband and I are leaving for our honeymoon at the crack o’ dawn tomorrow a.m.

A friend of mine asked me what I had packed, and since my life is now boring, I figured – why the heck not write a blog about it!!!

So here it is. My attempt at trying to “pack light” for an entire week.

– Buzz Away deet-free insect repellent (bought this at the health food store – hope it works!!)
– Scent-free lush shampoo bar (fancy smells attract bugs!)
– Lush Veganese conditioner (smells like lemon, and bugs HATE citrus fruits!)
– razor and 2 razor heads
– toothbrush and Tom’s natural toothpaste
– hairbrush
– SPF 60 sunscreen, and SPF 60 lip balm
– face wash, moisturizer, detoxifying mask (to help prevent breakouts in the humid weather!)
– 84% Aloe Vera cream (in case one of us *cough* Britton*cough* gets sunburned)
– John Freida brunette “waves” styling spray. I am sooooo not going to bother bringing a hairdryer or a straightener. If it’s one thing NYC taught me, just work with the humidity – don’t fight it.
– bobby pins
– makeup products… I’m still bringing makeup, including my Josie Maran lip stain. I’m skipping foundation though!
– contact lenses, and solution

Clothing and accessories
– three bikinis
– hiking shoes
– one pair of ankle socks
– two pairs of shorts
– One short sundress
– One long white tropical print maxi dress that my Dad bought me in the Philippines.
– two tank tops, one t-shirt
– a pashmina (for chilly nights)
– one pair of metallic silver sandals (soooo cute!)
– one pair of chocolate brown flip flops
– three pairs of sunglasses
– one really cute metallic silver head band
– costume jewelry (various)
– two bras (I also plan on wearing a bikini top under my clothes sometimes!)
– 7 pairs of panties
– copious amounts of lingerie. Seriously. I have half of a huge suitcase filled with outfits that I bought especially for the honeymoon.
-One pair of jeans (for the hike)
– one pair of leggings
– a really nice white tunic to wear over my swimsuit
– a large brimmed sunhat

– a book
– digital camera, case, transfer cable, and charger
– laptop computer and charger cable
– cell phone and charger cable
– Spanish phrase book for travelers
– beach towels
– Jeanne Lottie straw beach bag that will double as a purse while I’m there.

…so much for packing light. Too freaking bad. He’s stuck with me now.

….my Ami-kitty just threw up.

Off I go!


One Response to “packin’ up.”

  1. Leah June 13, 2010 at 4:49 am #

    Have a great time!!

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