date 1 of 33

11 Jun

Britton and I are both romantics. When we first started dating, he used to buy me flowers randomly about once per month. The ladies at the florist knew him by name. He didn’t just buy me any old bouquets though – oh no. If he went to the florist and there wasn’t any bouquet that really caught his attention – he just left. However, if he saw a bouquet he felt was worthy, he would buy it for me.

Once we got to university and our budget was a little tighter, I stopped getting as many flowers.  We still kept finding little ways to bring romance into our lives though. We very rarely eat out, so all winter while it’s dark outside, we cook up our dinner, and then turn off  all the lights and eat by candlelight.  When we have dinner, we often bust out our champagne flutes – even if we’re just drinking water. It makes the whole meal feel more special, even if it’s just spaghetti.
I once read in a horoscope that Leo’s never ever stop courting their lovers. Even after 50 years they will still keep trying to impress their mate and keep the romance and sparkle alive. This is very true about us (Did I mention we’re BOTH leos??)

Now that we’re married, I still want to keep the romance alive (at least for the next 1001 days…). No matter how busy our lives get, we are committed to at least one date per month!

Today was gorgeous, so we decided to go to the Silver Lake Boardwalk for a picnic by the water. I freaking love Silver Lake – soooooo pretty! And so many birds and animals!!
During our picnic we were approached by adorable little ducklings, ducks, geese, goslings, a blue heron, swans …. it was amazing.  I’ll shut up though, and let the pictures do the talking.  Just click on an image to make it bigger.

We’re going to end the day by watching an old Jackie Chan movie (It was Britton’s turn to pick the movie… can ya tell?)

SHould be interesting, at the very least. I read a brief Synopsis, and I kid you not, Chan’s name in the movie is “Dragon” and his brother, “Tiger” (of course!) are students at some martial arts school. Tiger is the star of the school, and just before some competition, he is injured, and Dragon must fight in his place. Dragon loses to the rival Kung Fu academy, who fight dirty. Not only that, Dragon discovers that his rival was his brother Tiger who accepted a bribe from the rival school! Out of loyalty to his brother, he keeps quiet about it – until Tiger is caught sneaking a girl into the academy. Dragon confesses everything to the Master, Tiger is thrown out, and with nowhere to go he becomes involved with the underworld. Dragon goes in search for his missing brother – along the way he is mistaken for Tiger, who is wanted for murder. As a result, Dragon must bring the crime boss to justice in order to clear his name.

Like I said… should be interesting at the very least. ANd Heck, if anything else, it will get me excited for the trip to China we are planning for next summer (Britton’s uncle lives in Shanghai)

and finally – AWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Our adorable kitty cat!!!!


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  1. rovisi June 11, 2010 at 8:54 pm #

    I love Minou!

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