Random marriage hilarity – since my life is boring now

9 Jun

Been a missus for 4 whole days now – so far, these are the highlights

1. Britton asked me what “wife” is in french – when I responded with “femme” he said “Doesn’t that also mean woman?” to which I said “yes.” ….Now he calls me “woman” all day long, making him sound like a horrible misogynist.

2. hubby polished off an entire TIER of cake in one day. Is it sick that I was jealous?? He’s sooooo thin and he eats like this all the time!

3. Got an e-mail from my new grandpa in which he refers to himself in the third person, several times, as “the Jimmer”. hilarious.  Love the new family. He’s such a hilarious old man. He’s moving to Shanghai, owns an iPad, and does the whole e-mail thang. Soon he’ll be networking it up on FB and Tweeting about his Shanghai adventures.

that’s all for now folks!


The Stepher


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