stag and the city

31 May

Got back last night from my stagette weekend!

It was so much!! The girls planned the whole thing as a surprise for me!

Friday morning I woke up and rushed to Cowboys and Angels for my hair trial! The end result was exactly what I wanted and I was very very pleased. Despite not being into the whole surprise thing, the wedding is in 5 days, so I will just not bother posting pictures of my hair until then. Saves me some uploading time, in any case. Also I’m pretty sure that 100% of my blog readers were at the stagette, so they all got to see it.

After my trial, my fabulous friends picked me up and we were off to the T-dot for some wild and crazy girly fun!

Once we arrived at the fancy-pants hotel (my girls did gooood!), we exploded our suitcases all over one of the two rooms we had rented.

… the room only got worse from here!!!

We waited for a few more girls to arrive, and once they did, I was informed that the theme for the weekend was Sex and the City, and that we were all going to see it in theaters that night!!!

I loved the movie!!! So much fun! I can see why picky critics wouldn’t like it – and I will admit there was one scene in particular that I HATED, but other than that is was an enjoyable movie experience!

After the movie we went out for dinner and drinks! Keeping with the theme, check out who made it onto our drinks menu!

So, if you have never met me, I should just say now that I am major light weight. I very very rarely drink because it’s expensive, and the drinks I tend to like are full of sugar. How much of a lightweight am I?? I once got completely drunk off of ONE Smirnoff Ice. I made the mistake of downing a second one, and was so wasted, I couldn’t walk. I’ve also been known to have gotten drunk in my friends kitchen, with her mom,  off of two glasses of extremely expensive champagne (Hi Barb!)

I decided to take it easy and ordered one drink, with a tall glass of water, and a meal.

We were approached by a very cute guy named Stephen, who bought my friends and I a few shots.

bottoms up!
Needless to say – I was a bit tipsy when we left the restaurant.

We walked back to the hotel for some much-needed R&R.

The next day, we woke up, went out for some breakfast, and then hit the shops! I got a few things for our honeymoon
While we were out and about, we got the meet the Fashion Queens from the Reitman’s commercials!

Hello fashion lovas … Reitmans one, haute couture zero!!

Stephanie One, Haute Couture zero!

They were so nice, and literally squealed with excitement when they found out I was getting married in one week!!! Love them!

After shopping until we almost dropped, we were off to a Fresh for some healthy vegan eats. I’ll spare you the boring dinner pictures, and skip to the good stuff.
When I returned to our hotel, my room was decorated in hot pink and black, a strange lady was there, and there was a table laid out with a plethora of adult toys.  Since the weekend was planned as a surprise, I had no idea the ladies had planned a passion party!!! It was so much fun!!! We pre drank while the consultant talked to us about all the products, and then we each got to go into a separate room nd order some goodies. The ladies had pooled together some money so that I could buy myself (and Britton) a few things! It was a great time, and as you can imagine – tipsy women in a room full of sex toys – things got a little wild.  Some of us sampled “coochie cream”, one of us wore a strap on, and we may or may not have made penises out of play-dough. I won’t post ALL the pictures, but here are a few goodies!


After the party, we got ourselves all dolled up and took off to Rockwood + Grass, where my girls had gotten us onto the VIP list.

The club was awesome, three stories, each floor had a different theme – first floor was Rock, second Wood, and third was Grass.

Not much to say here except that I was drunk, had a blast – definitely a “woo girl”

Any other How I met your Mother fans out there???

It was crazy night!! I won’t go into too many details, but it was drama free, we crashed a birthday party, wrote on boys with lipstick, and someone called me “gangsta”. I’ll post a few pictures, but you get the idea!

After the club we went back and continued partying at the hotel, then a friend and I went out in the wee hours of the morning on a hunt for french fries. That was an adventure and a half! I eventually got back to my room after sobering up a lot, and went to bed! The next morning we woke up, checked out of the hotel, went out for breakfast, and headed home.

It was such an AWESOME weekend!!! makes me wish I could get married every year!!!

One thing I have to say is… this week wouldn’t have been possible without CAFFEINE!!! I cannot believe I am saying that after my big anti-caffeine post and challenge. I would definitely like to kick the habit in the future, but it will have to wait until after the wedding.


3 Responses to “stag and the city”

  1. rovisi May 31, 2010 at 6:16 pm #

    …you had caffeine during the weekend?

  2. Jessica May 31, 2010 at 11:48 pm #

    You wrote on boys with lipstick?

  3. Stephanie June 1, 2010 at 11:18 am #

    I sure did!!! I had a GIANT iced green tea on sunday just so I could stay awake!!
    MJ and I wrote on those birthday party guys with her lipstick!!

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