the big exam in the tee-dot.

21 May

Big Exam recap.

I knew that with the biggest exam of my life coming up, I had to fuel my brain. I spent the two days leading up to the exam avoiding sugars, and eating a lot of nutrient-dense super-foods in order to banish brain fog.

The night before I left for Toronto, Britton took me out to one of our favourite restaurants for Ethiopian food. I love that stuff. It’s a  little place here in the K-dubs owned by an Ethiopian couple. The husband does all the cash register work and serving, and his wife does all the cooking. They buy their ingredients fresh every single day, and my goodness, can you ever taste a difference!

If you’ve never enjoyed authentic Ethiopian food, I highly recommend it.

you don’t use utensils. You tear pieces of the yummy spongy flat bread, and you use it to scoop up the food. soooooooo goooooooood.

and just to give you an idea of how gigantic this plate is –

Ho yeah. The plate is huge. ANd the best part? it costs 6$. yup. 6 bucks. that’s it. Britton and I split it, and we usually can’t finish it because it’s sooooooo filling.

The next afternoon I took off on my journey to Toronto.
I arrived at the Canadiana Backpackers Inn

I love how sweet it looks from the outside, with the flowers and stuff!!!

As I said in my previous post, it was full of super-cheesy stereotypical “Canadian” decor.
Case in point:
this thing was like 10 feet tall, too. Just chillin in the kitchen.bahahahahaha.

Anyways, I check in, picked up my sheets (they give you them when you check-in) and made my way into my dorm room, which I was sharing with 5 other girls. There were only two top bunks left, so I made my bed (which is freaking hard when you’re on a top bunk!) put the rest of my stuff in a locker, grabbed my purse and I was off for a night on the town. I had some big plans.

Every time Britton and I go to Toronto, there is a particular Landmark we plan on seeing. Yet every freaking time, we never make the time to go see it. When I found the Canadiana on google maps, I couldn’t help but notice that the coveted landmark was but a mere city black away from the hostel. How could I not go see it??

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Stephanie Streeeeeet. (get it?)

I was so pleased to see that it was actually a super cute street, too! With lots of greenery, and a big park and such.

It was close to dinner time, and I decided to head over to Fresh. I had a detoxifying vegetable juice, and a huge salad that I couldn’t finish. The meal here was affordable and delicious, and the service was good. I plan on returning during my bachlorette weekend in less than two weeks.

<— this awesome drink was made with kale, celery, and I think some ginger? It was so yummy!!!

I’m definitely going to be drinking one of these before going out to the bars during my bachelorette. Hangover Prevention at it’s finest!

I just took the rest of that night easy. I went out to meet up with a friend at a pub and watch the hockey game…just chilled at the hostel and drooled over all the hot foreign guys. The morning of the exam came, and I was so not well rested. I woke up every hour to check the clock. I was so paranoid about over-sleeping.

I knew I needed caffeine to survive the  9-hour exam process. So after a quick breakfast of fruit (Didn’t want to anything heavy that would weigh me down!) I was off to the exam, and keeping my eyes peeled for a Starbucks on the way. Once I got to Starbucks, I ordered an unsweetened, light ice, venti iced green tea to go. and I was on my way. I drank half of it on the way there, and the other half I saved for after lunch. You’ve gotta pace yourself!

When I got to the Metro Toronto Convention center, I was floored. Someone at the bar the night before had told me the place was “fool-proof” and assured me I wouldn’t get lost. Were they smoking crack?? The place was GIGANTIC. I asked someone at the information desk where my exam was, and they told me I was in the wrong section of the building, and that my exam was “7 escalator rides away”. I had to go “up two escalators, and down 5”. Not to mention the fact that there are different escalators on every corner of this effing place. It was insane. I did manage to find the place alright, with the help of a few kindly Torontonians.

My exam munchies included a Cliff bar to eat half-way through the first booklet, a sandwich I bought at Fresh for lunch, a banana for halfway through the second booklet, and the remainder of my iced-green tea.

After the exam, a few Conestoga students and myself went out for  dinner and a few celebratory beers. I made the mistake of having a strongbow (which tasted delicious!) but left me really bloated and uncomfortable. I think it was the fact that I’m not used to drinking such a carb-heavy beverage.

The exam itself was way easier than I thought, and overall, I felt very well prepared. Of course, there is the possibility that I was in fact half-asleep throughout the whole thing, and I actually hallucinated my awesomeness. I guess we’ll find out in 6 weeks!

just one more thing before I go.  there were over 900 of us writing in Toronto. The hall we were in was large enough to house THREE commercial jets. I snapped these pictures on my way out of the exam.


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