16 May

the number of Madonna videos I watched last night. the age I was 2.8 years ago. the number of days left until  my wedding. tablespoons of peanut butter I eat per day lately.

oh em eff gee.

I can’t decide if my body has just given up on stress? Strange. I had a full night of sleep last night in a strange bed – that never happens. Best slumber party evar. Thanks Amanda!

Random note to my hordes of three readers :

I hate when people write “congrads” <—- (notice the “d” instead of “t”)

Yes. I am aware that “congrats!” ends with the word “rats” – but GAWD. The “d” just sticks out like a bruise on an otherwise perfectly delicious banana. If you’re going to congratulate me – either write the whole dang word, or spell the abbreviation correctly, mmmmkay?

Keep this in mind twenty days from now when you have to write the obligatory message on my facebook wall .

For reals though, I have no clue why the eff this particular spelling mistake makes me cringe. That and using the wrong your/you’re in a sentence.

This is what my mind does when it’s trying to make me think I’m not stressed,  apparently.  Dissects my thoughts on spelling and grammar. Productive.

I’m having visions of myself turning into the spelling/grammar police whenever I get hella-stressed. In the same manner Bruce Whatshisname turns into the hulk when he’s angry.

You won’t like me when I’m stressed

Speaking of which, I also hate that wordpress corrects my spelling of the word “hummus” to “humus” with only one em. What the heck WP? what.the.heck.

I need a to get a hobby.

off to a bakery for a yummy fresh-baked pretzel!!!!!


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