Honeymoon Makeup and dreaming big

11 May

I made this on polyvore. com (for those who are interested)

Makeup appointment went awesome. I got out of there looking like a bronzed goddess, but still looked just like my regular self (but better). I loved it.

I am for sure buying this new 5-colour Dior summer 2010 palette called “honeymoon” (seen above) and the single shadow, also from the summer 2010 collection, Gold Leaf.
Dior does not carry a coral lip gloss, so she mixed two colours.  She advised that I look for a lip stain for honeymoon, it will last all day, and Britton is not a fan of kissing me when I’m wearing a lot of goopy gloss. I was surfing the sephora website and found this amazing new lipstain by Josie Maran – I would get the hue “jive” which is a really nice coral pink.I will pick this up next Wednesday while I’m in Toronto.

Coral pink looks amaaaaaaazing with tanned skin.  I already own a fabulous coraly gold blush, NARS orgasm – and since it’s the #1 best-selling blush of all time, it would appear a lot of other women have it as well!

So voila! pair that with a great mascara, bronzer, and lots of sunscreen and you’re good to go!

I’m a bit concerned about waterproofing this look – I may invest in having my eyelash extensions re-done for the honeymoon. They will last me the whole week, and I don’t have to worry about wearing nasty waterproof mascara (which I hate! Wayyyyyy too thick!). I also may invest in the Dior airbrush bronzer… It’s 100% waterproof, and has SPF 25 in it. We shall see.

I would post a pic of my look, but I was unable to get a good one. All I can say is that my skin looked flawless, my lips looks pouty and pretty, and my eyes looked big and open. But you could hardly tell I had much makeup on at all!!! Perfect for a honeymoon. I want to only pack the bare essentials – Much as I love makeup, Britton has already warned me to pack-light.

Also I have to say that Jen has totally rekindled my desire to go into makeup artistry. I would be happier than a pig in shit if I could do brides makeup on the weekends. Nurse by day, stellar makeup artist by night. I’ve always said that after I graduated, i would take a makeup artistry course part-time….just for me. I think know I’m good with makeup, but it’s nice to have some sort of certification and training, ya know?

If I weren’t already massively in debt from nursing, and wanted to make makeup artistry my full-time carreer, i would spend the 28,000$ in tuition money and go to Cosmetics in Toronto. Sadly, my dreams of moonlighting as a bridal makeup artist on weekends do not include the need to learn runway and anamatronics. Although, how freaking bitchin’ would that be?? I would love to learn stage and special effect makeup though. Could you imagine How SICK my kid’s halloween makeup would be??

totally worth it. Plus, I could help out at local theaters and stuff like that!

*sigh* a girl can dream.


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