stress and feeling crappy and my week in pictures

10 May

with the wedding day fast approaching, I’ve been a busy busy girl. Between cleaning the apartment, having a social life, activism, studying for my registration exam,  and trying to make couple time – I’ve been a bit stressed.

I’m not the kind of person who can go-go-go all the time. I need a lot of down time. It’s just who I am. I don’t handle stress well, never have.

Case in point – the past few days have been a lot of stress, running around, and eating poorly. I’ve eaten a lot of carbs, and not as many veggies and fruit as I would like. The result? Diarrhea. Yummay.

Other than the crampy stomach and inability to eat my breakfast, things have been ok. I haven’t felt panicky, or overwhelmed, which is good.
We officially have 26 days left until I wake up on my wedding day. THings are definitely ramping up.

Sneak peak at my week:
– Today I meet with my AMAZING makeup artist, Jenn Turner, to go over some honeymoon makeup looks and tips for a tropical climate. I’m a complete makeup girl. If you’ve known me for 5 minutes, you know of my complete love of makeup. No lies.  Not every bride cares about honeymoon makeup, but I do. I’ve never been to tropical climate before, and my face tends to get sweatier than most women, I think. I want a look that will last most of the day, look amazing, and use minimal makeup. I’ll take pictures of what she comes up with!
– Tomorrow I meet with my wedding plannerI”m hoping to hash out a day-of schedule with her, and talk about some of the stuff I need her to take care of for me.
– Wednesday I have an appointment with my wedding officiant, Marrti Pajunen of Kettle Creek Weddings. We have to finalize our ceremony details and pay him.
– Thursday I have my second dress fitting (woo hoo!!! Again, I will take pictures and post them!)

That’s it for now, but I’m hoping to meet with the DJ on friday. I also have to find time to print my ceremony programs somewhere in there. Start assembling them, and start studying for my registration exam with is on the 19th.

And finally, my life in pictures (since the pinning ceremony, anyways)
The eyelash extensions I got put in are still going strong. (don’t mind this picture,  I just woke up, and was still in bed – thanks a lot for taking this pic, Britton!)

I ate yellow tomatoes for the first time. They were yummy, but I like red ones better. The red ones are sweeter.
Went to a boudoir photoshoot with a friend and saw SWANS just chillin’ in some pond in Ayr. Yes. I got this close to them. It was sweet, and a bit scary. I’m not sure, but I think swans are mean, vicious birds and I’m a bit scared of them….. they are really pretty though!
We freeganized a new bookshelf – which the kitties have made into their new home. They will be so sad once it’s moved into the office and filled with books.
I had a second bridal shower with my gorgeous cousins and aunt. Man, I come from a good-looking family!
reading a card… I got pretty spoiled at this thing, I’ve gotta say!

My cousin, Jenn and her adorable son Marcus!!! – I will spare you the million close-ups I have of Marcus sleeping.
remember the bread I baked on the 6th?? (if not , check out the previous post!) – I accidentally baked the plastic kneading paddle, into the bread. hilarity.
Hilarious poll: Is this Britton’s solution to:

A) the smelliest fart ever
B) Alergic rhinitis (runny nose from allergies)
C) a nose bleed
D) He just thought it would be funny to shove toilet paper up his nose for no reason.


One Response to “stress and feeling crappy and my week in pictures”

  1. rovisi May 10, 2010 at 6:17 pm #

    You also have to give me some MC updates….
    …and I have to start arranging what I’m going to say…HEART ATTACK!!!!

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