It’s the time of the season…

30 Apr

where love runs hiiiiigh…

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Today was amazing. I’ve never been a huge fan of spring time, it’s humid, it’s unpredictable… it just sucks.
Or so I thought.

Today Britton and I went for an amazing nature walk, and he tought me all about local flora. It was actually really awesome.Nothing makes me happier than being out in nature with my guy.

And we’re off!! These are some super pretty trails by our place – we love them. He took me here a lot last summer.

checking his fancy guide-book to make sure the plants he was foraging were in fact nettle.

garlic mustard!!! this stuff is delicious and EVERYWHERE!! We ate this in a lot of salads last summer

This butterfly landed on Britton’s pants!!! (we missed the photo-op, but you best believe it was magical!)

Trillium flowers!!!!

Blood root. If you eat it, you die. Nasty stuff. Some of the crazier naturopath doctors will prescribe this for cancer patients since it has many of the same anti-mitosis properties as chemotherapy. Not a great idea.

Trout lily flower!! There are large patches of trout lilies, and only one of them flowers. One flower replenishes the entire patch for the next year. Very cool.

A huge patch of Lily Of The Valley!!! I was SO EXCITED when I saw this. THis stuff is SUPER expensive at the florist because it has an extremely limited blooming season.

almost blooming!! I want to go back in a day or so to see them again!

We also saw Jack in the Pulpet, May apple (mandrake), forget me nots, wild strawberries, and wild raspberries!! Britton is brilliant.  He tought me so much!!!

On our way out we found some TULIPS that a naughty squirrel had placed somewhere else. I love how squirrels do that. Dig up the bulbs and plant them somewhere random – it’s so great!

Sadly, the nettle was way to young to harvest, but we bought some asparagus to enjoy tonight!!! Yessssss!!!!!

This season I resolve to enjoy nature more. Talk about a serious stress buster!! Another spring bonus – NO FREAKING MOSQUITOS! There is nothing I hate more than going to out to enjoy nature, only to be eaten alive by those little vampire bastards.  I once RAN through a trail swearing… just so I could get it over with. Its funny now, but Britton was pretty ticked at the time because it was supposed to be a “romantic” walk through nature. Romance does not exist if there are mosquitos present. No way.

In any case, I’m looking forward to eating all the yummy plants soon!!


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