April Showers

25 Apr

After being excited for the better part of a month, the day of my bridal shower finaly arrived!!!

It was such an amazing day!! I arrived right at 2pm to find a house full of familiar faces! The decrations were tasteful and sweet (tulips!!), the food was delicious, the games were hilarious, and the company was excellent!

Once I arrived, I sat down, opened my gifts (sooo many awesome gifts!)… they made stick all the bows in my hair (pictures on facebook!)

We played games – hilarious games. My bridesmaids do not do lame toilet paper games – oh no. Instead we played “Problems and Solutions” HILARITY. Seriously. I will be ripping this idea off for any bridal showers I plan in the future. You can read the deets at rovisi.wordpress.com/2010/04/25/april-showers/

We played another game which involved me getting dressed blindfolded. Again, the evidence is on facebook.

My girls did an INCREDIBLE JOB. THey all worked so hard setting up, cleaning up, everything. I’m honestly tearing up just thinking about it. I’m so so sooooo lucky to have friends and family like them.

The whole day was filled with a lot of laughter, a lot of bows (yeesh!), wrapping paper, delicious food, and a whole lot of LOVE.


One Response to “April Showers”

  1. rovisi April 25, 2010 at 7:58 pm #

    You totally stole my blog title idea 😛

    Glad you enjoyed your shower.

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