Teaching grade 9 boys, it’s all in the boobs.

19 Apr


So today I helped my supervisor out by going to teach her husband’s grade 9 gym class about healthy hearts and blood pressure (fascinating, I know)

So I walk into the class in super cute hot pink heels, and a form-fitting-yet-still-professional gray dress…

And I realize it’s a class of all boys. 14-year-old boys.

As soon as I get in, I get cat-called by some obnoxious kid in the back. When the time came to teach them how to take a blood pressure (I thought it would be fun), I asked for a volunteer… when I instructed the volunteer to take off his sweater, the class started cheering, and some kid says “Stephanie, can I be your volunteer?”

Horny little bastards.

I don’t take it as much of a compliment either, because I’m pretty sure 14-year-old boys will get excited about any woman who is relatively young and has a half-decent pair of knockers. Heck, some boys that age get excited by the Sears catalogue or the pictures in National Geographic.

I also got to teach the boys some CPR – and hilarity ensued. Let’s just say I would NOT want a 14-year-old saving my life. They were TERRIBLE. One of them was SLAPPING the mannequin’s chest (and he wasn’t trying to goof off, he just sucked at CPR) and of course there was this dialogue

niner: So what do you do if it’s a girl who is unconscious
me: the same as you would for a boy
niner: So you put your hands on her titties and push?
me: You put your hand between the breasts, and start compressions
niner: sweeet!
me: *rolling my eyes*


One Response to “Teaching grade 9 boys, it’s all in the boobs.”

  1. rovisi April 19, 2010 at 9:49 pm #

    I don’t remember 14 year old boys being that lame…12 year old boys, yes.

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