Bridal Beauty

13 Apr

I look like a brunette Barbie Doll.

cyclist Barbie!!!

Of course, I am lacking in the pencil legs, perma-pointed feet, and microscopic waist… but you get the idea.

My hair is long, thick and luscious at the moment. I love it. All part of the bridal beauty regime.

Speaking of the regime… I figured it would be a fun post if I posted mine.
Quick warning though, it ain’t pretty (despite how pretty it makes me look).

tanning – Yup, I go roast myself in a tanning bed 2-3 days per week.
extensions – fabulous
waxing – I get a full leg and a brazilian (bye-bye short and curlies!). a friend of mine used to get waxed all the time, and she told me that the first leg wax you get, you aren’t perfectly smooth since your hair grows in three different cycles. Crazy eh? So I had to start early. No freaking way I want to pack a razor on our honeymoon. I’ll be going to the beach a lot, and I don’t want to have to worry about being a prickly pear. Also I very much intend to be the honeymooniest honeymooners the Dominican has ever seen, and that means being naked whenever we aren’t in public. Again, don’t want to be a prickly pear. TMI? Too freaking bad.
exfoliation – I have to rub myself down with a really rough mit every single day to prevent unsightly ingrown hairs.
nail oil stuff – I rub this vitamin oil on my nails once per day… it’s working like a charm and my nails are nice strong, healthy, and the tips are really white!
hair washing – Ummm yeah… remember how I said it was gross?? I only wash my hair once every three days. Yup. on the third day it’s kind of gross… but it’s been worth it. My locks have been really shiny and healthy looking!!

and last but not least – supplements and eating healthy. Eating right and staying active makes my skin glow, keeps breakouts at bay, trims my waistline and keeps me healthy and full of energy! Nothing better.

betta cut this short though, dinner time – then going to stream some House with hubs-to-be.

First dress fitting on Thursday!! Stay tuned!


One Response to “Bridal Beauty”

  1. rovisi April 13, 2010 at 10:52 pm #

    But…but…pears aren’t prickly? 😛

    Can’t wait to see the hair!

    Mine is thick (naturally…TOO FRIGGIN THICK!!!), shoulder-length and reddish brown 😛

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