Sunday Cycling

11 Apr

I love Sundays.  The best time to go cycling around town is Sunday morning – always.
Any cyclist worth her salt bikes on the road, and on sunday mornings, the roads are dead. Heaven.

This is sooooo what I look like when I cycle. lol

Yup… that’s totally me, biking around town on a Sunday…

Yeah right. First of all, my bike has pink handlebar tape, and drop handlebars… and it’s a road bike and infinitely more bitchin than the pictured seafoam green thing. Road Meister 2010 fo life!!
Second of all, that dress is just begging to get ruined. Idiot.

Back to the point though.. Sundays rule. Today I was going 40km/hr down a steep hill in a 30km/hr zone, wind at my back… brunette ponytail waving in the wind – and I didn’t have to signal ’cause no one was around. Pure bliss. There is nothing like breaking the speed limit on your bicycle. Even there had been a cop there, no cop wants to be the douchebag who pulls over a cute brunette cyclist, dressed in scrubs,  trying to get to work on a Sunday morning.
Speaking of douchebags, When the roads are really congested and traffic is moving at a snail pace, I break the number one rule of cycling and I bike on the sidewalk. I also don’t have to pay for parking anywhere. That’s right… I’m the spandex wearing cyclist douchebag every motorist hates. Suckers. There is no such thing as a parking permit or a traffic jam when you are on your bike.

There are also some super chic rides I would get if I had the cash.

This bike is my handlebar twin. It’s using the same shade of pink cork handlebar tape as my bike! This one is by Luna.

More bike porn
The Little Black Dress – Sweetpea –

Possible xmas gift? I’ll be your best frieeeeeeend!! No??


One Response to “Sunday Cycling”

  1. rovisi April 12, 2010 at 11:18 am #

    Now I want a bike. Why did I tell my parents to get rid of my old one? Oh, because the tires were broken. Hmph.

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