101 in 1001

9 Apr

After working on this list for the past 2.5 months – Here it is. The oh-so-popular 101 in 1001.

The Mission

Complete 101 preset tasks within a period of 1001 days.

This list of tasks will begin being processed on the 5th of June 2010, on the day that I get married and start a new life with my prince charming. The list will be completed by 2nd March 2013. I’ll be keeping this page up to date from now until the end date, and I’ll periodically write blog entries when I manage to complete particularly important tasks.

The Criteria

Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

The List

1. Get married
2.“Date night” with Britton once a month (0/33)
3.  Surprise my husband with a gift just because
4.  Host a family dinner at our place (my side)
5.  Host a family dinner at our place (his side)
6.  Make an anniversary book.
7.  Write Living wills
8.  Write a legal will
9.  Buy each other “traditional” anniversary gifts (1st year paper, 2nd cotton, etc.)
10. Complete some form of exercise at least 3x/week for 6 weeks (0/6)
11. Read one book per month (0/33)
12. Finish reading all unread books before I buy any new ones, or donate them if I have no intention of reading them.
13. Get a massage (0/5)
14. Change my name (legally)
15. Take a yoga class (0/10)
16. Try out a spray tan
17. Maintain my “happy weight” within 5 lbs. This is automatically excused should I become pregnant at any point during the 1001 days.
18. Get a pedicure every six months
19. Identify 25 things I like about myself
20. Keep the house/Apartment clean for an entire month
21. Buy a house
22. Put up and decorate a Christmas tree every year (0/3)
23. Move to Northern Ontario
24. Upgrade our dining set (table and chairs)
25. Get a dishwasher
26. Frame my diploma in a super nice frame, and put it up next to hubby’s degree and TC certificate
27. Buy a filing cabinet and organize personal files
28. travel to at least six different cities for weekend getaways/vacations (0/6)
29. Travel to a foreign country (USA does not count)
30. Go backcountry camping
31. Go on a fun “Girls weekend” trip
32. Visit the farm sanctuary in NY state.
33. Start a newlywed map
34. Do some bicycle tourism with Britton
35. cook/bake two new recipes per month (0/66)
36. Try out a new vegan/vegetarian restaurant (0/5)
37. For one week, make meals that can only be made with ingredients already in our cupboards (excluding perishables—produce)
38. Make homemade pasta
39. Go out for breakfast (0/5)
40. Eat raw for one whole week
41. Eat “good” bananas
42. Order some globars and try them out!
43. Do a sugar detox every year (already did one for 2010) (0/3)
44. Do some canning
45. Talk to Jess every two weeks (0/74)
46. Host a dinner party every year (0/3)
47. Make new friends and invite them over for dinner
48. Send out Christmas cards (0/2)
49. Start an RRSP
5. Make a monthly budget on a program like Microsoft Excell
51. Pay off line of credit
52. Read the wealthy barber and incorporate at least one strategy from the book.
53.Buy myself a nice grad gift like an expensive watch
54. Have LASIK eye surgery.
55. Buy Britton a ridiculous bicycle
56. Buy a digital SLR
57. Clean out closet twice per year and donate old clothes to charity (0/6)
58. Donate blood
59. Donate 50$ to charity (0/5)
60. Volunteer bi-weekly (at least) with a worthwhile organization for an entire year. (0/66)
61. Buy a homeless person a meal
62. Give a homeless person 20$
63.  Donate 2$ to charity for every item I do not complete on this list
64. Write a letter/e-mail to a person/business for outstanding service (0/5)
65. Meet a neighbor
66. Offer neighbours any holiday leftover baked goods I may have.
67. Go to an amusement park (Wonderland does not count)
68. See Cirque Du Soleil
69. Go skiing
70. Go to a local museum
71. Get pictures taken in a photo booth
72. Go to one play every year (0/3)
73. Go to one concert every year (0/3)
74. Take festive photos of the cats to send out as xmas cards.
75. Subscribe to a magazine, maybe VegLife.
76. Take at least one picture every day for a whole month
77. Go to the beach (I never do this!) (0/3)
78. Get boudoir photos taken for Britton
79. Have a picnic (0/3)
80. Plan myself a bitchin’ 25th birthday celebration
81. Vote!
82. Learn to ballroom dance with Britton
83. Sew something
84. Make a scrapbook
85. Maintain the blog (post at least once per week)
86. Take a photography or interior design class
87. Learn basic bicycle maintenance.
88. Matte and frame signed poster of Matt Good
89. Matte and frame cat print
90. Replace pewter frame picture with either an engagement or wedding print.
91. Finish the “Britton and Stephanie” scrapbook.
92. Finish “all about us”
93. Get Amie micro chipped.
94. Enroll back in school in some capacity
95. Get my first real nursing job
96. Watch a scary movie at the movie theater and sit through the whole movie
97. Drive again
98. Send an anonymous gift or flowers
99. Take a pole dancing class
100. Plant a tree
101. Put 5$ in savings every time I complete an item from this list.


2 Responses to “101 in 1001”

  1. rovisi April 9, 2010 at 10:46 pm #

    I like!!! All very good goals.

  2. Melanie April 10, 2010 at 8:35 pm #

    I LOVE this. Every goal is awesome!!!. .. You have so many interesting things you wanna do!!! I envy that!!! Good Luck~~~

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