How do YOU define Sexy?

2 Apr

6:50 am on a holiday Friday… those of you who not me will not be surprised.I’ve always been an early riser!

So I wanted to start with an inspiring quote I read in SHAPE BRIDE (yup, still talkin’ ’bout the same mag!)

“confidence and how you portray it, is sexy. I do it by smiling and being bubbly. I’m not Megan Fox sexy, but I’m girl-next-door sexy – and I know Tye finds that very attractive. Everyone needs to find their own meaning of the word – and flaunt it!” – Melissa Rycroft SHAPE BRIDE, spring 2010

What is your definition of sexy??

Mine would be confident (I feel sexy when I feel confident) and very feminine. I am not a tomboy. I will never be sexy in the way that Jackie Warner is sexy. And that’s ok.

I’m a girly girl. I love pink, lace, makeup, romance, etc. I also think that my optimism is something “sexy” about me, and I love the fact that I’m outgoing and talkative. I also think that intelligence, and independence is sexy. I like the colour of my natural hair, I love the colour of my eyes (green!). I like my little bum, and slender thighs.  I like my feet.  I am also learning to love the curves I do have. I love that I’m healthy, I love the way my skin glows these days.

While we were out shopping, the friend I was with started to feel fat after trying on a few dresses with me. Her whole mood changed!! It was awful. Honestly, that fashion show changed a lot for me. It really did. Sure, there are a million things I don’t like about myself (I’m short, have short legs, my calves look too manly, hair too thin, eyes too small, hate my belly, etc etc etc) but I’m not going to focus on that. I can’t change it and why waste another minute of my life feeling sorry for myself? When was the last time you talked about stuff you loved about yourself??

I would love to hear what YOUR definition of sexy is!


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