Eye Health

31 Mar

I went to the optometrist today and learned a thing or two about eyes, and how to eat to protect your vision!!

Vitamin A
Remember all that mumbo-jumbo your mom spouted off about carrots being good for your eyes?? I do!
that’s because carrots are rich in Beta-Carotene, which your body converts into vitamin A. Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant.
It also helps your eyes to adjust to light changes, moistens the eye, and has been shown to reduce your likelihood of developing cataracts and has been shown to reduce the likelihood of developing Macular Degeneration (the leading cause of blindness).

Lutein –

Not only should you eat your carrots, but load up on tomatoes and dark leafy greens, too! THey are full of lutein. Lutein is another carotenoid, which your body converts into an anti-oxidant. It also what is primarily located in the macula (the center of the retina). Studies have shown that just 6mg of lutein per day can decrease your risk of macular degeneration by 57%. A diet low in lutein has also been linked with an increased likelihood of developing cataracts. Not only does it help the overall health of your eye, but helps prevent hardening of the arteries in the rest of your body, too.

and lastly QUIT SMOKING. 25% of the population will develop Macular Degeneration… your risk is quadrupled if you smoke.

Phew. Enough talking about all the neat stuff I learned at the eye doctor! I also got me some new glasses! And get this – when I asked if they could throw in some contacts lenses (since I don’t want to wear glasses on my wedding day) they threw them in FOR FREE.
I love it! You always get special treatment when you’re a bride. Some days I feel like a celebrity, and they I get home and remind myself that I’m still a complete nobody and that I’m in for a rude awakening once the wedding has come and gone. So here are my cute new glasses.

Love the rhinestones!!

I also love the cute case they come in, and the fact that they are pink but not baby pink. I’ve never been a fan of pastels. I’m calling it “fun pink”. Actually, since I’m naming the shade, I may as well name it “Stephanie Pink”


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