28 Mar

After weeks of searching news stands, I finaly found an issue of Shape Bride. (A Shape magazine special, and the first of its kind). I love Shape magazine as a plain ‘ol healthy lifestyle magazine and I get a lot of inspiration from its pages.

Shape Bride did not disappoint.

I was so glad to see one of their features Hollywood’s Sexiest Brides. A special feature about celebrity brides and how they got rockin’ bods for the big day. I was happy to see some of my own celebrity wedding style-stars included in the list!!

I love lace, I love classic elegance, old hollywood red carpet hair, and a romantic bridal look. I think Ivanka trump hit the nail on the head. I love her wedding look. Her look is just so timeless and classy.When I fisrt saw this picture in a tabloid magazine this fall, I was blown away. Beautiful.

Another wedding-style crush of mine is Katharine McPhee! Again, I love lace (In case the pictures don’t give that away). I love this dress. Not sure it’s something I would have picked for myself… but I think it’s very romantic, and classic, but it definitely has a modern edge to it. Fabulous.

My own dress has a lot of lace, and while I like to think of it as classic and elegant, it definitely has some modern components as well.

So what did these ladies do to look fabulous on the big day?

Well, former model Ivanka apparently pumped up the cardio in the months leading up to her wedding. She also went for a hike on the morning of her wedding, and broke a sweat at her reception dancing the night away!

Katharine McPhee is reported to have done 20-30 minutes of cardio 3 days per week, and lunges with dumbbells!


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