Programs, papers, bubbles, blogging, and baking

22 Mar

I am such a procrastinator.

I am currently supposed to be working on my nursing theorist assignment, but have procrastinated all day. I must say though, I’m pretty productive when I’m trying to avoid getting things done!

First I figured out how to download and install a special font from

I’m in love with what I’m calling “our wedding font”. I present to you, Jane Austen

ain’t she a beaut? We used her on our invitations, and I couldn’t believe this, but people actually noticed!! So far, 3 people have asked me which font I used! I think it looks very romantic.

With lady-jane now by my side, I got to work and spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon writing and designing our very simple ceremony programs, followed by tying chocolate and clover ribbons to the 50 remaining bubble wands I had left over from last night.

They pretty much look like these, except tied with a different colored ribbon, of course!

I’m glad I found bubbles that weren’t shaped like little cakes, or doves or whatever. Not really my style!
hmm… now I need to find a basket to display these in at the ceremony.

As awesome as Fed Hall is, they don’t allow confetti or rice to be thrown (cannot remember why!) So Bubbles it is!!

Then I ate dinner, baked cookies, and now I’m blogging. ANd in case you didn’t notice, it’s ten o’clock and I have not yet mentioned a certain PAPER that I should be working on!!

Time to get to it!


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