lemonade success!!

20 Mar

This lemonade was delicious, and pretty cheap to make!!

Perfect sugar-free lemonade

1 cup lemon juice
5 cups white grape juice (keep in mind it’s much less sweet than refined sugar which is used in traditional lemonade)
4 cups cold water


1. Mix all ingredients in a pretty glass jug.
2. Put in the refrigerator
3. Put a few ice cubes in a glass and pour yourself some lemonade
4. Relax on the couch with a few chocolate snaps and have Britton fan you with a huge pretend leaf

WOOO!!! Let the warmer seasons begin!!!

If you prefer a less watered down lemonade, simply reduce the amount of water added!

I bought a big jug of 100% pure white grape juice (president’s choice), and I still have enough in the jug to make another batch of this drink!!!!

I’m also baking some refined-sugar-free cookies tonight. No big shock, I’ve made these cookies before and they are Britton’s favourites. (he’s been begging me to make them again!)

Come to think of it, these will probably be awesome with the lemonade!!

I will not post the recipe here as it is not my own and I don’t make enough substitutions to bother reposting it. You can find it here: Super-Charge Me Cookies

I am a huge fan of Dreena’s recipes, by the way, so it’s worth surfing te rest of them if you’re interested!!


One Response to “lemonade success!!”

  1. rovisi March 20, 2010 at 9:26 pm #

    What happened to having ginger in it?

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